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Kelly - November 8

I went to the doctor last month, my baby's heart rate was 175 bpm. This month, the doctor said that it was 155bpm. Is it normal for the bpm to change that much, & why did it change?


Tess - November 8

How far along are you? I took my 1st u/s when I was 6th wk preggo, they did a v____al u/s and we saw our baby's heartbeat at 123 bpm. My recent u/s was last halloween 10/31 and I was 11w3d and they did another v____al u/s and my baby's heartbeat was 167 bpm. I think its normal to change heartbeat that much.....Im not sure why though. I would definitely ask my OB tomorrow about that. :)


I believe - November 8

I believe that is normal. As your pregnancy progresses the bpm will drop slightly. If your doctor didn't seem concerned I wouldn't worry yourself. 155 is still a good bpm.


Amanda - November 8

Hey Kelly I am currently 33 weeks pregnant and my little mans heart rate has been anywhere from 144-174. If you are excited or anything that could make the heart rate higher...also if the baby is moving the heart rate is higher than if they were sleeping. Nothing to worry about....just as my doctor would say you have a happy little clam in there :)


Christi - November 8

Hey Kelly... dont fear... My first appointment the heartbeat was way up there (at 5 weeks it was around 190 something...or around???) I just went for another appontment last week (22 weeks now) its down to 142. The bigger your baby gets the slower the heart rate. The doctor explained this to me. It takes more time for blood to circulate through a bigger body. So when its smaller, it beats faster.


s - November 8

My dr just told me today that the heart rate may slow down as the months go by. He said that unless it drops under 120, no worries.


Jodie - November 8

Its normal, it just depends on how much your lil one is moving around at the time, ive had a big variation in the one day because of his movement



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