Fetal Heartbeat How Early Can You Hear It

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mtlquebec - March 17

How early can you actually hear the heartbeat? Using a transva___al ultrasound (the kind that they put inside you) - I was able to hear the heartbeat at 6 weeks 4 days and was wondering if anyone heard theirs this early as well?


meg - March 17

I first heard the hb through u/s at 6 weeks 3 days. It was 120 bpm, & it was amazing!! Next u/s at 10 weeks hb was 167 bpm, & then w/ dopplar at 13 weeks it was 152 bpm. I just love hearing the hb...it is so rea__suring.


mtlquebec - March 18

It is amazing to hear the heartbeat - I was actually very surprised to hear it! I wasn't expecting to at that early a date and the doctor didn't warn me. I don't have the bpm - I have no idea what they were, but will ask for that. What was your measurements? My (my baby's) were CRL 0.74 cm. Thanks for sharing! Oh and how far along are you now?


meg - March 18

Not sure what my measurements were...I know that I was measuring 2 days ahead, based on my LMP. At my last u/s at 10 weeks, I was measuring another 2 days ahead. I did like the measuring farther along than I thought I was...it made me feel like I got to the second trimester faster. :) I will be 16 weeks on Thursday. How about you? Is this your first? It is mine. I try not to worry too much, but sometimes I'm not very successful!!


mtlquebec - March 18

Hi Meg, I'm just at 14 weeks today. It's my first too! I've been worrying about things too, but I guess it comes with the territory!


JaMikal-Damien.piczo.com - March 20

I first saw my son's hearbeat on ultrasound at 6 weeks 1 day and I first heard it on the doppler at 10 wks. My doc told me that if he couldn't find the heartbeat at 10 wks that I shouldn't worry because it was still a little early to detect it, but I got to hear it and I was so happy.


Linda99 - March 20

The tech saw a heart beat at 5.4 wks for me. It was 104, but she didn't point it out to me so I didin't see it. I have another sono tomorrow (7.2wks) so hopefully I'll see it then and it will be stronger!


Tess - March 20

12 wks or so..


cattac - March 20

i think you should be able to hear it by 12 weeks. i saw it on an u/s today and i'm due 10/28


babyriggi - April 26

When i was in the ER and i had a Transv____al ultrasound at 6 weeks 4 days and i heard the heart beat. I didnt know they could detect it that early. But it was 117 beats per minute. It was great!


tgirl - April 26

I went on tuesday for my first prenatal appt. and they did a v____al sonogram. I am at 7wks and the hb was at 141, not sure what it was over. But the sonogram tech. said that the baby has a very strong heart beat and hopefully thats a good sign! Still so worried being that I had a mc in November(blighted ovum).



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