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Worried first time mother - May 23

I was just wondering if I should panic if I dont feel my baby kick for a whole day at 25 weeks pregnant?


Julie - May 23

I think you should be feeling it a couple of times an hour from 26 weeks on. If you are concerned call your doctor right away.


Karen - May 23

I read that after 28 weeks you need to monitor movements. I also read that they are a lot like us. Some days feeling very active and other days not so active. I have started to time my baby and can estimate the time of day I expect him to start moving. One day (I guess his lazy day) he did not move at all and I got a bit worried of course a little later he a__sure me with some really strong movements that he was well. If you have some strong concerns talk to your doc but I am sure the little bundle is fine. I too am a first time mom congrats.


BBK - May 23

Panic, no.... baby could be positioned in a way you can't feel movement. Try to have a cold (as cold as you can take it) and sweet drink like juice, walk for 10 minutes, then lie on your back. If you still can't feel anything call your doc just to be sure.


Carri - May 23

I'm kinda going through the same concern. I'm close to 22 wks now and I hardly ever feel anything except for what feels like gas. I'm kinda scared but last month, the ultrasound tech said my baby was hyper and just this weekend, the baby's heartbeat was strong according to my doctor. I'm just scared that I don't feel any definitive movements.


fdhg - June 2



tina - June 2

baby is still too little for you to feel all the movements. you have to start counting at 28 weeks so i wouldn't worry about it. if you had an u/s you would see the baby moving but wouldn't feel a thing. don't worry about it.


to Carri - June 2

What you think is gas, that's probably you baby's movement :) I read a book on woman's anatomy during pregnancy, our stomach is pushed up above belly b___ton, and the intestines pushed back by the uterus. So anything we feel in the front lower abdomen might be the baby. Since the stomach is up there, and intestines back there.. so I would think the front area under belly b___ton would be where the uterus is :)


to Carri - June 2

That's not gas that's your baby. When I was twenty weeks I was nervous cause I wasn't feeling what I thought I would feel, so I asked the doctor and he said exactly the same thing next time you feel what feels like gas pains or bubbles that is the baby.



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