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lisa - August 16

The father of my baby is a wonderful, kind man who cant wait to be a Dad, and I love him very much. But since I became pregnant I cant stand him most of the time. I am 8 weeks and dont have morning sickness, but I am usually so fatiqued I cant breath. I also have trouble with gas and bloating and sleeping through the night. The more he trys to help me the more aggrevated I become. Is this normal?


s - August 16

Maybe it's all your hormones since you are pregnant. Try and have a noce conversation with him and tell him. The best thing you can do is bring everything out on the table but I wouldn't tell him that you can't stand him it will all work out...


Wood Nymph - August 16

Yes it's normal for some (or most?) women. Don't do anything you know you'll regret! Think of it as a looong PMS....yes that soudns really sucky, but try not to take things out on him...Also, warn him ahead of time about this feeling you have toward him before it's too late! I hope nothing bad happens to your relationship with him. Good luck with your relationship and pregnancy!


kellie - August 16

it is perfectly normal i have days even weeks where i am like that with my husband and he is understanding of it My hubby is wonderful (this week in my mind at least) no really he is a great guy and trys to hard sometimes and i think that is one thing that only makes you more ticked at him or hate him even more...I think that the best thing to do it to talk to him tell him how you feel but let him know that it is not all the time and that it is due to the hormone levels that you currently have believe me if he really loves you he will more than understand...let him know that he does not have to try so hard all the time and that if you snap sometimes you are sorry but that right now is just something new and different forthe both of you and you did not expect to act the way that you do Believe me when i told my hubby that he understood and he now treads lightley in the water my other friend that is currently due soon with her third baby has the same problem our hubbys get together often to complain but they are sane about it and understand where we are coming from i hope the best for you and your honey Good luck



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