Fiance And Porno

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amandababy - March 4

My fiance has recently discovered the world of p___no on the internet (he's mexican and new to computers). I don't really have a problem with him looking at a few pics of naked girls but the other day I was looking through our bank statement and found weird charges that I knew were paid for from the computer. So, I looked through his folder on the desktop and found LOTS of videos of LOTS of different things. I have recently walked into the computer room lots of times and he closes the videos out so I can't see them and covers himself b/c he had been m____eing to them. I feel like this is because I'm 36 weeks and SO big that he doesn't want to be with me (I'm also not as intimate as I used to be b/c of my size). The last few weekends he's been going out and staying out until 4 in the morning. One of the nights I went to my sister's house and he came at 6 in the morning to pick me up because he thought I was cheating on him. I've heard lots of times that usually the one doing the blaming is the one doing the cheating. What should I do?


Rhonda - March 4

Where dose he go until 4am?friends house,bars?How long have you been together?Would you ever expect him to be the cheating type?Have you talked to him about his behavior?If not then you need to.because if it was me i woulde'nt put up with it.They do say whoever dose the blaming is the one doing the cheating.Just talk to him tell him how you feel about it all.And hopefully he will come to his senses.


fltjt705 - March 5

From experience, yes, if this behavior just started then I would be suspicious. I dated a guy who told me he wasn't married. I was young and nieve and thought that only getting a pager number was okay. He would accuse me of cheating all the time to the point I would cry, 6 month later I met his wife. If he is cheating you should be careful because of STD's. A man's needs to stop just because we are pregnant and not feeling confident about our body. Being pregnant is a beautiful thing. He might be embarrased so try watching a video with him if he is innocent. The best of luck to you.


Jbear - March 5

It can be a cultural thing, being very possessive of his doesn't necessarily mean he's cheating. You should talk to him though, about the late nights and spending all that money on internet p___n. A lot of the time those charges will be a recurring monthly charge, so you'll want to check your bank statement next month and see if there are any that need to be canceled.



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