Fibroids May Prevent Me From Conceiving Should I Try Now

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shalyn - June 6

Here is my story...I am 21 years old and recently found out that I have uterine fibroids. For those who may not know what fibroids are, they are masses of tissue that grow in certain parts of the uterus sometimes causing multiple symptoms (heavy periods, pain, infertility, etc.) or if you are symptoms at all. I on the other hand was not as lucky, and developed a horrific pain in my uterus that incapacitated me for almost 4 weeks. I ran back and forth to the emergency room almost every other day because the pain was so excruciating. I was put on multiple pain medications...literally everything under the sun. To no avail every doctor I saw told me the same thing....I have a large fibroid in my uterus and its completely unfortunate because I'm so young and this usually happens to women in their 30's-40's. Well I'm doing much better pain, but I've elected not to do anything about my fibroid in regards to surgery because almost every doctor is afraid to go there. There's the chance of hysterectomy and since I'm so young and have no children they would prefer I just wait and see. Well my GYN has informed me that he would like to see me FINISH my family within the next five years because the chances of this thing increasing are great and I do want to have kids one day. Not to mention, fibroids increasing in size cause a host of other medical problems and when they get to the "emergency" stage there may be nothing that could be done to spare my uterus. Needless to say...I'm scared. And along with that bit of info comes the news that my most recent pap is abnormal and they want to do further testing on a possible HPV (cervical cancer) cell strain that was found. This happened to me a few years back, and although it turned out to be nothing I was told to keep it monitored. So thats another thing to worry about...when it rains it pours. Long story short, with all these recent health revelations I am thinking more and more about my chances of conceiving in the future. I would love nothing more than to have a child and would hate for time to go on and the fibroids to worsen and then I wouldnt be able to. I have established the career that I want, I'm not much of a school person but I will be finishing up my degree next year just to get it over with, I have people behind me who would support me 110% (mom and grandma have been hinting at me having a baby since this whole fibroid thing happened and they know how serious it is), I am with a wonderful man who I know would support me throughout this, and I would definitely be financially stable by the time this child was born. I work from home so there'd be no question on who would be taking care of my baby. I know that I am mentally ready and capable of doing this, but honestly I am still a little scared. I know I would be a great mom, but sometimes you can't help second guessing yourself. What I'm looking for is a suggestion as to what would be logical considering my whole situation. I don't really have anyone else to talk to about this because I have beaten it over my friends heads for weeks and they can't seem to give a logical opinion. Sorry this was so long...guess I just needed to get it all out.


mcatherine - June 6

It sounds to me like you are ready and willing, just needing someone to back you up. Don't miss your chance to have a child if you're ready. One hint of advice for you though. Seek second and third opinions about this fibroid. Find specialists and make sure the search goes outside of the area where you live. Medical technology changes every single day. Whatever happens for you - good luck.


Rhonda - June 6

Im sorry you are having all these health problems.My sister recently had a fibroid surgery(hysterectomy)she had a whole uterus full,and was in tremendous pain with them.Fibroids can cause premature birth,difficulty conceiving,and interfere with implantation.Have you discussed all this with your dr?I really dont know what advice to give you,but i wish you the best.Maybe wait until they find out more as to why your pap was abnormal,and if it's not cervical cancer then go ahead and try.


Rhonda - June 6

Also they can remove fibroids v____aly if they are not to big.It is suppose to be an eaiser procedure .You need to get something done before they get to big.I think you will be okay,just keep having faith.


littlenurse73 - June 6

Shalyn, I would find another doctor that will actually help you. A myomectomy (removing fibroids) can be done different ways. If they are inside your uterus, they can be removed during a hysteroscopy procedure. The doctor uses a scope to look inside your uterus and remove the fibroid(s). This would be a outpatient surgery. If the fibroid(s) are on the outside of the uterus, they would need to be removed by abdominal incision. In this case, you would have to stay overnight at least in the hospital. There is another type of surgery that kills the blood supply to the fibroid also (I'm not very familiar with this one). You definitely should get another opinion, because you have more options than are being offered to you.


shalyn - June 7

Thank you all so much for your responses. I am looking into getting more opinions, I have already been to three gynecologists that gave me a few options. The 1st GYN didn't offer many options. The 2nd GYN told me to take birth control pills for 3 months and see what happens, but I declined to do that because I read somewhere that the increased hormones in bc pills can cause rapid fibroid growth. I didnt even know I had a fibroid or developed any symptoms until 2 weeks after I quit the bc pills I was on for 30 days only. The 3rd GYN I went to (who I will be revisiting) was actually quite helpful in explaining my options. He said they could go in and do a myomectomy, but the position of my uterus (it is retroverted) and the location of the fibroid (submucosal) concerns him. All in all, I would go through with it if necessary. I was offered the procedure that cuts off the blood supply as an alternative in 3 months time by the 2nd GYN I saw, but that procedure seems to come with alot of complications. Plus, the conception rate after the procedure has not been doc_mented as of yet and I wouldn't want to take any risky chances of not being able to conceive. Right now I am not experiencing pain so I'm basically "waiting it out". Many doctors have told me this is the best idea if the fibroids aren't constantly bothering me because I'm so young. I am definitely seeking other opinions since this is a serious issue to me. I definitely want to find out more before I even think about ttc. Thanks so much for the well wishes!


Bridget - June 7

I agree about getting another opinion. It is pretty unlikely they would have to take your entire uterus if you only have one fibroid unless it is the size of a basketball. I can share my story of fibroids. My DH and I had been trying to get PG for 6.5 years, never once conceived and I'd just kinda figured it wasn't gonna happen. I became anemic due to HEAVY periods that turned out to be caused by about 4-5 fibroids (largest one the size of a golfball5.5 mm) I had them removed May 2005 by myomectomy (abdominal surgery where they just go in and take them out) We waited the 3 weeks to have s_x and I conceived immediately. My son was born February 17th by planned c-section, since I had the recent surgery and the location of the incision in my uterus, my ob/gyn didn't want me to labor. I really didn't care that much, I had a son and had truly given up on ever being a parent. BTW, I turned 40 a month after my son was born. If you are ready to be a mom (and it sounds like you are) I would pursue all avenues to reach that goal. The surgery wasn't fun but it was necessary for my well-being and it brought me my son. It sounds like the fibroid you have may just cause you more and more problems since you got it so young. I don't want to tell you what you should do but I can tell you what I did when my fibroids caused me to be ill and that is to have them removed.You may have to have a c-section if you got PG but so what? You'll have a baby. You yourself need to be healthy to give your baby the best chance of being healthy. I wish you luck and keep us posted.Sorry THIS is so long,LOL.


shalyn - June 8

Bridget thank you for the response. It is good to hear from someone who has gone through the procedure and come out successful. I originally wanted to get a myomectomy when I fell very ill due to my fibroids, and every doctor I went to didn't want to do it. My last GYN told me that he would indeed perform the surgery if I wanted him to, but I should wait a while and see if my symptoms resume since by that time they had subsided. I was so sick for 4 weeks straight and slowly but surely I started to come out of it. Since I'm feeling better now, I'm just going to give it some time but a myomectomy is definitely an option if it gets too bad. In the meantime, I want to make sure i'm in the best health before I actively start ttc. My partner and I have had a few test rounds, and who knows....maybe I could get lucky! I'll keep you posted.



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