Finally Decided

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mandie - June 29

I finally decided on names. If it's a girl, she will be Chloe Elizabeth. If it's a boy, he will be Noah Jacob. What do you guys think? Most of my friends and family like my choices, but my grandma doesn't like Chloe. It's always disappointing when you really like a name and then your family is like, "are you sure you want to name them THAT?"


jas - June 29

I think they are both beautiful!!! It can be a bummer when family says things like that - but you have to take it with a grain of salt and do what is best for YOUR family first. Not everyone is going to agree. As long as you are happy, with your choise, the baby is healthy - what else matters?


livdea - June 30

I like both names a lot! good choices! I know what you mean about people giving their opinions too! I haven't officially decided on a name yet but I ran off my list of names to my coworkers and when I got to the name I'm leaning towards...they all made a HORRIBLE disgusted look and said "OH THATS AWFUL!" I had to laugh!!! They are from a much different era though too, like your grandma!! I like your names! Good luck!


sophandbob - June 30

They are lovely. Chloe would have been my choice for a girl, if it wasn't for the fact that my partner said he'd name baby if she was a she, and i could name him if he was a he. My mum doesn't like my boy choice of tritan. she said he will get bullied, which wasn't nice to hear. I said that a child can get picked on for height, weight, hair colour, gla__ses, all sorts of things, but hopefully my boy will be a strong person who will preferably not be picked on, but can dealt with it if it happens. She is coming around, and is now getting more used to the idea. Telling me the other day that she'll like to shorten it to tris as a nickname. Noah Jacob is lovely too.


kimholl28 - June 30

I love Noah and Jacob, Jacob is my sons middle name. Chloe elizabeth flows nicely.


Jennifer28 - June 30

DH and I decided to keep our names a secret b/c I don't think I'll take the criticism very well. :) That, and b/c we're planning on telling everyone when we find out if we're having a boy or a girl - which is this Monday - and we wanted there to be some element of surprise when the bby arrives. :) But, I can tell you girls! (Tee hee)... We're thinking about Hannah Lynn - girl, and Brayden Michael - boy. BTW - I love your names, Mandie! It is your child, right?! You can name him or her whatever you want! :)



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