Finding Out Sex At 14 Weeks

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Mal - October 11

I was told today by a 3D ultrasound company that they can use their high tech 2D u/s and usually predict the s_x of the baby at 14 weeks. They said if they cannot, then they will be able to at 16 weeks. Has anyone ever had an accurate reading of the s_x at 14 weeks?


Rachel.R - October 11

I had an ultrasound at 15 weeks because I was admitted to hospital with severe cramps... When they did it.. they told me it was too early to check. so i recommend waiting til atleast the 18 week ultrasound.. then it will be a little more accurate.


M.A. - October 11

I've never heard of this until my friend told me she had her ultrasound done early. Her husband works at the local hospital, so he had some favor. I don't know what type u.s. they used. I think she went to have her baby looked at in the end of July, beginning of August. Which would have made her about three months preg.(Maybe a little less) Anyway, they told her she was having a girl. On Sept. 6th she had the official doctor appointment, and sure enough, it was a girl!


Shel - October 12

M.A. - Do you know if it was a 2D or 3D ultrasound? This sounds very similar to what I have looked into at 14 weeks. The good thing is they said I can come back at 16 and 18 weeks to get a definitive if they cannot tell at 14 weeks ---- plus it's only $50.


Angela - October 12

Shel, where did you go for that US, did your doctor offer it or are there like clinics or something out there who offer this? I'm not PG yet, but I have been curious about the different US technologies out there.


Shel - October 12

It's a private clinic. I live in southern California - the web address is I heard about it from a friend. Since it's 2D its very safe and affordable - plus you cannot beat it for $50 if you are as anxious as I am to find out the s_x. We have 2 boys and so we are anxious to know if we have conceived a girl this time around :) If not, we will be elated with three active boys! Either way, we would like to know so we can start planning bedrooms and all.


rl - October 12

I would recomend you wait until further along for the 2-D or 3-D ultra sound due to the baby is gonna look really skinny ect I had a level 2 done at 17wks then had another done at 22wks and they did do the 3-D at my second one and when I asked why they had not done this when I was 17wks the tech told me cause the baby was so small and it just would not look as good but at 22wks he looked very good so if your going to have this done for yourself then you should wait some I had no choice I had to cause I am higher risk due to my age I am 35 but they consider that advanced maturnal age or some such non-sense everything turned out to be fine so I was glad I had to have it but it is up to you....good luck


M.A. - October 12

Shel, I'm not sure. I didn't get details. But I think it was just a regular ultrasound done on my friend.



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