Finding Out The Sex Of Baby

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Jenn - March 30

I'm 13 weeks with my first baby. :) I just had my first appointment yesterday and got to see my baby kicking around for the first time, it was awesome! My next appointment is scheduled for my 17th week...will I be able to tell the s_x of the baby by then? Everyone I ask seems mixed on the answer. I'm really excited to find out and start shopping. I find myself not getting as in to the shopping because I don't know the s_x. Is that normal? Everyone tells me to just buy white, green or yellow stuff, I'm really not into green, but I guess I could get somethings in white and yellow. :-P I'm just really anxious to know already! Anyone in the same boat as me?


tara - March 30

I don't want to find out what we are having. I think I would really enjoy hearing it in the delivery room :o) But it does make shopping hard and to be honest i havn't bought anything yet. To answer your question at 17 weeks they will be able to tell you the s_x depending on the baby's position. :o) all the best


Nix - March 30

i found out the s_x of my first and i'm no 6wks with my second and plan to find out the s_x of this one too. I didn't like the idea of not knowing who was growing inside me. I liked being able to call him by his name when i talked to him and i LOVED buying all the adorable clothes for him and setting his little room up every day for the two months before he was born. I do envy the women with the control to wait, and not explode from antisipation, but i just couldn't! Good luck with your baby.


amanda.d - March 30

I didn't find out the s_x with any (3) of my children i think it takes away from surprise.As for clothing i just bought the essential new born clothing and then went shopping after.I also found some cute boy/girl clothes with animals and stuff on them.


Amber - April 6

I would wait if you are really wanting to know the s_x. It's easier to tell the futher along you are. I'm having mine at 19wks and it still scares me that they won't be able to tell. If you have the funds, and they can't tell you, then go to a 3/4-D ultrasound place. Then you can see the face and all it's little body parts. Plus you get a video and more pics and can really bond with baby because you can actually see it's face in utero!! BTW- I hate yellow and green stuff too. I want it to be one way or the other!! I haven't bought anything but furniture and won't even go register until I know what it is!


Heidi - April 6

At my 12 wk ultrasound she said she thought it was a girl but couldn't be 100% and afterwards I heard so many WRONG ultrasound stories that I'll wait for my next one before I believe it. Not sure when that is!


Donna - April 6

I found found out the s_x of my baby at 22 weeks, ive been told it's easyer to tell when your futher along, but then people want to keep it as a suprise but its going to be a suprise no matter what, well soon as i found out im having alittle girl i got up and bought loads of little girly things, pinks,yellows,purples everything and cute little dresses, and when i see strangers they always say "ooo i bet your having a boy with that belly" so now im thinkin just what if it is! and ive spent all that money on pinks! hehe so still when u find out the s_x still play safe and buy the unis_x colours because u never know the little boy might be coming home in alittle dress hehe :)


JB - April 6

Jenn, I found out the s_x of my baby at 17 weeks. We are having a boy... The nurse doing the ultrasound paused the picture and pointed out him "parts". It was great. I was anxious like you and afraid he would not co-operate. I drank lots of water before the appointment. The Nurse said it helps her to see the baby. I've also heard of drinking some juice before the appointment to make him/her move. Good luck.


C - April 6

No I’m not in the same boat as you but 17weeks is a little to early to tell they may tell you a girl and then it be a boy.Its best to wait till your after 20 weeks that’s the time most doctors recommend. When you go just see what the doctor says but as for the shopping I had a boy and before I new I still bought things like baby hats, socks, towel and things like that that you can get as said in white yellow or green.


karen - April 25

i am 8 weeks w/ my second and we didn't think we were going to find out the s_x of this one... but have changed our mind. we did w/ our first and it made it so much easier to buy things appropriatly. i think it would be exciting to not know, but i wouldn't like just buying white, yellow and green.


TX Girrrl - April 25

We did not find out the gender ahead of time with our first or our second baby. We'll most likely not find out with our third baby either. It was just too much fun giving birth and hearing my dr. and my husband say, "It's a ____!"


jksdfhidf - April 25

I'm really anxious to know and I should find out tomorrow with any luck at my 21 wk scan. Can't wait to go out and by something either pink or blue! I heard that some people found out the s_x of their baby as early as 16 weeks but there is more room for error at this stage.


Karen - April 25

Well I am 17 weeks with my first and may find out tomorrow I so excited that I can bear to think about it. Sometimes I wanna know then I dont. I feel I Nix I wanna tell him or her how much I love them and call by thier name. I have a boy and girl name already. My bf want to know.My mom and sister does not. My other sister knows its a girl !!!!. I guess it is up to the little bundle if he/she wants us to know before. HAHA. So far on all my U/S he/she has been on the side last one in the middle still could not tell. I think he/she wants it to be a surprise. !!! BF may have to wait.I keep you posted


Claire Stephens - May 2

I am now 24 weeks pregnant with my 2nd baby so have already my scan. I am carrying exactly the same way as I was with my daughter which does suggest that I may be having another girl. Some people have compared both my scans and said they think it may be a boy as there is a white patch on this scan that wasn't on my last one. I don't know if you can really go by this but it has got me thinking even though my husband and I had decided not to find out the s_x. It has made me more curious.


deanna - May 2

how can you find out wht out the ultrasound if it is a boy or girl?


Dana - July 26

I'm in the same boat as u girl........ I'm so anxious also to know the s_x of my baby. This will be baby number 3 for me


lacy - July 26

I had my 18week 6 day appt the other day(so I'm almost 2 weeks further along than you) and they said it is probably a girl- YEA! I think your dr. will be able to make a prediction for you as long a baby is in a good position



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