Finding Out The Sex Of Your Baby

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~S~ - March 16

Has anyone had any problems with the doctor not wanting to tell you what your baby is? My gf is currently 30weeks pregnant and she's having a heck of a time getting the doctors to tell her. I'm 16 weeks and hoping that I don't run into the same problems. I see my doctor tomorrow and I want to ask her if she could pleeeease tell me the s_x of my baby during my ultrasound. For some reason, I have a feeling that she won't want to tell me. Has anyone else had a problem finding out?


Billie - March 16

I didn't have a problem finding out the s_x of my baby, but I heard that some doctors don't like to give it because that's not what they are looking for when they do an u/s. I think that's ridiculous and I hope that that doesn't happen to you!


Heidi - March 16

You have the right to know. Maybe they don't want to say as sometimes they can be wrong. But I would be very firm when you go in there next time. I don't know much about ultrasounds but I can't imagine it takes much more time to see what s_x it is. Everyone I know who's asked to know, they told them. Sometimes they'd warn them that they could be wrong though as that does happen! Good luck!


~S~ - March 16

Thanks! When I see my doctor tomorrow, I'm going to bring it up with her and hopefully during my next ultrasound, they'll be able to see. Although, I know it's up to the baby to be in a position where the s_x can be determined.


BBK - March 16

At 16 weeks it may not be obvious, and if the baby is camera shy it's hard to tell. In four weeks you should have your level II ultrasound, and usually you can tell then with more confidence that time. It won't help you with this pregnancy, but a new test from Australia using polymerase chain reaction promises the same screening as an amniocentesis, but it's no more invasive than a pap-smear. If this becomes reality next year, there will be no more guessing with the ultrasound, and can be done as early as 6 weeks!!!


Billie - March 16

6 weeks!! That's amazing!!!


BBK - March 16

Billie, I wish the test was available now. It was tried on several hundred women with 100% accuracy. If it pa__ses the clinical trials it will revolutionize genetic screening. The results would available in 24 hours, and not two gutwrenching weeks that amnio tests take. There is controversy too, as some fear it will lead people to terminate the pregnancy easier should the test find any problems..... oh well


MONICA - March 16

to bbk, you really know your stuff.... its good to have you on this board.


Jamie - March 17

Wow! I want that poly-thingamajig test!!! I just had an u/s on Tuesday, doc said 85% chance of a girl, cause there was nothing obvious to indicate a boy, and kiddo wasn't at all shy (spread-eagle for the But I want to know FOR SURE!! (I'm certain it's a girl, but that 15% bugs me!)


BBK - March 17

Monica thanks, this forum helps me a lot too with our pregnancy. Jamie, how many weeks are you? Did you actually watch the sonogram? At 16 weeks I could have sworn I saw labia, but the doc refused to tell us too. When the amnio tests (my wife is over 35) came back it was pretty definitive. 15% sounds kinda high, but the sono is never 100%, so the doc allows for error..... just in case you buy a bunch of pink stuff and have to sue him :-)


Grumpi lady - March 20

just a quick comment ...when i was prenant some one told me too drink a gla__s of orange juice..something about that it will open the babies legs...well it works so if anyone wants to try .... do so and let me know if it worked...=}


s - March 20

only some doctors will tell u. its because they could be wrong and get charged and the ones that do tell u always say its only a maybe (to protect themselves). u could ask your doctor if there is a doctor that will tell u and make an appointment with them. I just told my midwife what i wanted and she sent me to a doctor for the ultrasound. he told me what it was and I bought a picture.


Kay - March 20

Usually the person that does the ultra sound will tell you as they're doing it.


KIRSTEN - April 15



Foxy - April 15

Some hospitals have a policy of not telling people what the the s_x of their baby is in case they get it wrong. They can never be 100% sure. I'm glad my hospital doesn't have this policy and I hope to find out in a week and a half. I'm so excited!


denay - June 13

sorry my doctor is great we set up an apt for my 20 wk and he asked if I wanted to know the s_x he said ok.....this is my 3rd child with this doctor and he has always been the same from the start.


Tina - September 6

I have never heard of that but with my oldest i found out the s_x at about 18 weeks or so and i am currently pregnant and 16 weeks. so i am hoping i can find out the s_x of this baby soon



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