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Ping - July 27

My husband and I have been trying for a baby for the past 7 months and I'm still not pregnant and I' starting to worry that I will never fall pregnant. should I go to the doctor or just keep on trying?


dmc7429 - July 27

Have you tried to use ovulation tests to make sure you are TTC at the right time? My doctor recently told me about a product that I immediately ordered. She had patients who were trying for over a year and used this product and got pregnant with no problem! It was like a miracle had happen. The product is OvWatch and you could google to get their website. I'd recommend you look into this and ask your doctor is he/she could do preliminary progesterone bloodwork on you. She did for me and atleast I knew that was off the list of possible problems. Good Luck!


lisa mc - July 27

hi do you have regular periods? i have been trying for 8 months but i have very irregular periods since coming off the pill.


Trinity030608 - July 28

when coming off the pill, it can take a year or more for your ovulation cycle to regain consistancy. You can buy the over the counter ovulation tests like dmc7429 suggested or you can talk to your doctor about medications and vitamins to regulate ovulation.


lisa mc - July 30

hi trinity i never thought it would take this long its so frustrating!!! i tried using the ovulation tests but i can go 3 months without a period!! i have started taking vitex started about 3 weeks ago and still no period. my doctor has been doing loads of tests though so hopefully something will happen soon!!!!


Trinity030608 - July 30

lisa, my doctor put me on a fertility medication that i took days 5-9 of my cycle and and asprin regimn. It took a few months, but my cycle was more regular which made my ovulation more regular. Now i'm almost 9 wks and couldn't be happier.


Trinity030608 - July 30

He also prescribed prenatal vitamins to take during this time to prep my body. Good luck! I wish you the best.



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