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fefer1 - January 12

I have my first prenatal apppt at 9 weeks, on Feb 3. They said it would only take 30 minutes. Is this enough time??? I keep reading that the first appt is the longest so I'm confused now. Anyone else going in soon or recently been in for their first appt?


Drew - January 12

30 miniutes sounds about right, considering all they really do is ask questions, fill out paperwork, weight, bp, ect. A normal pre-natal after the first appointment is usually 15 miniutes or less, so I'd say depending on what your doctor does for a first visit 30 mins sounds right. Congrats!!


fefer1 - January 12

Thanks! This is my first so I don't really know what to expect. Everything I read makes it sound like they do all sorts of tests, take blood, exams etc...


Drew - January 13

No prob!! It usually depends on your doctors practice, but at my first appointment they started out with my weight, blood pressure ect. Then he went over paperwork with me....tons of questions. He told me at the next appointment they will do a pap because it had been just over a year since I'd had one done, and gave me the paperwork to get some blood work done in the lab. It does seem like an awful lot to go over in just 30 miniutes, but lots of the questions are just yes and no, and lots of family history. It usually is your longest visit! :)


missy - January 13

that sounds like plenty time. On your next visits you'll be in there for like 5min. or less!!!


JennyC - January 13

30 min. is about right, but don't forget the time in the waiting room! My doc was behind on my first appointment and I hadn't budgeted enough time. Congratulations!!


fefer1 - January 13

Thanks! Do they usually schedule ultrasounds too?? I had one this week at 5wks 4 days just to get a due date.


Julie06 - January 14

At my first appt. they gave me paperwork to fill out, then I saw the doctor and she did bloodpressure, pap smear, std tests, and gave me a due date. Then she sent me to the lab for blood work. That was it. She told me at my next appt. they would do an ultrasound (10 weeks).



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