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heatherjene - November 5

Hi everyone!! I am around 6 weeks pregnant, and I have first dr's. appointment tomorrow. I'd like to know what to expect, and whether my fiancee should go (he wants to be there.) Thanks to all!!


Tory1980 - November 5

I would let your fiance go with you if he wants to be there but don't expect a great deal to do with the baby tomorrow. Here (in Northern Ireland) they will ask you your medical history ie operations, allergy to medication, heart problems, asthmatic, any skeletal problems (if you have damaged your spine or pelvis etc), your families medical history and birth defects of other problems, your partners history (sometimes) - generally what you had for breakfast six months ago and in detail! LOL! It seems they leave nothing un-turned. They will check your urine (usually) so try and take a sample with you or expect to give a sample there. They will do bloods to check your blood group, iron levels and general other things, they will check your blood pressure and weight. If you aren't on it already they may prescribe Folic Acid. My Doctor also did a quick scan to determine pregnany but at this stage depending on the machine don't expect to see a great deal - maybe a bean in a little hole. I know from others on this forum that America/Canada do pelvic exams on women but here they won't due to the risk of infection and aggravating the womb early on. If you have questions yourself take a list with you and don't leave until they are answered. Also know that you can decline any tests and/or procedures you aren't comfortable with during the pregnancy. Congratulations on your pregnancy!


heatherjene - November 5

Hi Tory - thanks for the great answer. I think they do want to do an ultrasound, they told me to drinks LOTS of water beforehand. I live in the U.S. It's very interesting that not everyone does the same procedures, personally sometimes I think Dr's do too much too soon when it comes to testing. Just out of curiosity- were you born in 1980? If so- we are the same age. I was born August 29th 1980


Greeklady28 - November 5

Your fist appointment will consist of lots of questions. They will take your weight, and it sounds like they will do an ultrasound. We were able to see the heartbeat on the ultrasound at 6 weeks, but don't panic if you don't see it. You will be asked all about your family medical history. They will most likely do a pap smear to test for STD's. It's better to have your fiancee there to help calm your nerves. Plus, you want him there for the experience. I held my husband's hand and cried when we first saw the heartbeat. Make sure you start with your prenatal pills, preferably one with the omega oils to promote brain growth. I take primacare which seems to be working, although they are large pills that are hard to choke down. I wish you a happy healthy pregnancy. Good luck.


Tory1980 - November 6

If they want your bladder full then it sounds like they will definitely do an u/s to check on baby. Definitely have your fiance there for that as it allows them to 'see' what is going on with you too. Yes born in 1980. August 25th!!! Practically twins! The Doctors test for everything at this stage just so they can determine any potential problems that may occur during the pregnancy and treat for them asap or watch you more carefully.


heatherjene - November 7

Well I went yesterday and they did an ultrasound and guessed I was about 5weeks 2 days, they did see the yolk sac, and even printed out the little picture for us to take home! (kinda cute) I go back in 2 weeks for another ultrasound to try to see a heartbeat. How far along are you Tory?


angelgabby84 - November 7

Hi heatherjene! I was just wondering what kind of u/s you had. Internal or external. This information could mean the difference between me having to travel to a far away hospital or a nearby one at my next u/s. Thanx


Tory1980 - November 7

Great news heatherjene. Did the fiance go too? Can you believe that little pocket will soon be a crying baby? It's just magic! Fingers crossed you get to see the heartbeat next time! I am 30w6d today but this is my sixth pregnancy, fourth baby. I have three boys already aged 5, 3 and 18 months.


angelgabby84 - November 16

Hi guys!! Any updates. I have had my second u/s and i am now 7w5d. DH and I saw the little heartbeat and just cried. we couldnt beleive it since we have been trying for so long. I will have an u/s every two weeks until i have my stich in my cervix and then about every four weeks. So we will have loads of pics of baby. Oh and when i was there the midwife said next u/s we will see the baby moving and all the limbs and things. But it is harder to see what is going on when you have an internal u/s because you cant move as much as when you have one on your tummy. She said that if we take a camera with us and we take a picture of the u/s screen we will get a better image of the baby. So no doubt DH will be happy snapping at next u/s. How is everyone doing. Heather when is your next u/s. Oh and our doppler arrived this morning.



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