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L - September 1

Hi My husband & I can't decide on a first name for a girl. The middle name has to be Susan. Any ideas? :) Good luck to all!


The oh-so-fabulous me! - September 1

Step out of the norm a bit, but don't go too crazy or your child will hate you! I know that Madison, Olivia, Emily, Grace, Elizabeth, etc. etc. are very popular right now, so what about something like Ashleigh? Michaela,Kendall or Natalie? :)


LisA*9 - September 1

How about the name Mary Jane. She will be popular due to her name ans most likely well liked by everyone. She will be rescued by the boys due to her name. It might be hard for kids to come up with a way to tease her. I could be wrong.


At odds in OKC - September 1

Okay all.. our baby is due on December 20th and she wants to call it Holly Day if it's a girl... pls help.. I think she'd be in for a miserable childhood and show up on Oprah's 100th birthday special... what do you all think?


Leanna - September 1

How about Franchesca, Isabella, Leigh, Rachelle, Samantha???? Or make one out of a mix between you and your husbands name?? That could be bad of course, HEE! Depends on your names.


Britt - September 1

I'm sick of all the popular names. Try something interesting. Whats your heritage? I named my son an irish name...Declan (middle name: James). It's different but I love it and it just fit. Give your daughter a name that no one else has and a name that matters.


Daisy Jean - September 2

How about Mara Susan? Leah Susan? Susanne would flow much better with most names, is that allowed? Molly Susan? Amy Susan? Jacqueline Susan? Good luck!


Sophie - September 2

well i was going to suggest Shakira but as the middle name will be Susan it won't really sound right. How about Rebecca Susan or for sort Becca Susan, Becky Susan etc. Well what-ever you choose I'm sure it will be a lovely name. xx


L - September 2

Thanks for all your suggestions! We're thinking maybe Olivia, Amanda, Chelsea or Danielle so far.


Kacey - September 2

hmm...Holly Day sounds like an "entertainer" name to me.



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