First Name To Go With Middle Name

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kendall - October 16

my b/f mom recently past away from cancer and we are going to be using her first name as our baby's middle name, sandy or sandra, we can't think of anything that both of us like any help would be appreciated. thanks in advance.


HH - October 16

Mary Sandra? Alicia Sandra? Cara Sandra? Olivia Sandrine (just an idea- I think it's pretty)? Maria Ca__sandra (I think this one is pretty, too)? Good luck. It's a nice idea.


sc - October 16

What about Alexandra


kendall - October 17

alexandra is something that both of us really like but were trying not to use names of people we know but we might go with it anyway so for short we can call her lexi. thanks and if you think of any others they are very appreciated. i do like sandrine and any others that are italian too


Evie - October 17

michelle sandra,karen sandra,alexis sandra,evay sandra,chloe sandra,madison sandra,ilean sandra,jackie sandra,christine sandra,jamie sandra,colleen sandra,abri sandra,tiffiany sandra,skye sandra.


Just some ideas! - October 17

Ashlyn Sandra, Kelsea Sandra, Megan Sandra, Lisbeth Sandra...


Trying - October 17

You know, you should just use whatever name you want and not worry about if the names seem like they don't go together. My grandmother pa__sed away from cancer in my 6th month of pregnancy and her middle name was Jo, I was having a boy so I decided I would name him Joey... BUT I wasn't with my son's father at the time and I had already told him he could choose the middle name and he chose his best friend's name Andrew.... I thought yuck Joey Andrew they dont sound good together at all, but I did it anyways and now that he is 9 months old I absolutely adore Joey Andrew as his name. So just think real hard about your favorite names for your little one and go with it, really you could learn to love any name if you love your child. :)


Ang - October 17

How about Sandra Grace and call her Grace?


Agree with Ang - October 17

I think Sandra Grace would be beautiful!!


Kelly - October 17

Sandra Rose!!


? - October 17

Abagail Sandra


Gemma - October 18

Harley Sandra, Kaitlyn Sandra, Lilly Sandra, Molly Sandra, Milly Sandra, Louise Sandra, Rose Sandra, Mckenna Sandra, Natalie Sandra, Nicole Sandra, Jade Sandra, Grace Sandra, Danielle Sandra, Chloe Sandra, Holly Sandra. WOW SANDRA IS A HARD MIDDLE NAME TO FIT IN.



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