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LALYA - May 3

h__lo, i have a question and would like to know if anyone knows the answer? me and my partner have been ttc for many months now and i am due for my period in 4 days. this evening i did a first reponse test as i felt sick thismorning. i had a very faint pink line that is still there now. Does a faint pink line mean a def possitive? Im going to do it again in 2 days to confirm it again i also have bad bad ache lower down. me and my partner are so excited and dnt want to be let down if a faint line is a neg?


TehProgamer - May 3

talked to a doctor about this sometime ago and he said that the best time to test for pregnancy using these methods is a week after your supposed to be period, also, it is best to try this using your 1st monring pee, if u missed it then try holding ur urine for 4 hours then test again... too much water in ur diet can dilute the HCG (pregnancy hormone)... a minimum of 20HCG (forgot the uit of measure) to indicate a pregnancy


Lynn - May 3

LALYA.. sounds like CONGRATULATIONS is in order for you! I have the exact same experience. I tested 4 days before my period was due & got a VERY faint line, tested the next day, a little teeny bit darker, on the day I was supposed to get my period I actually got a positive response. All of this was with First Response Early pregnancy test.. the one that says you can test as early as 4 days before a missed period... Congrats to you!


lalya - May 3

Thank you! i hope that is a def possitive because we are so excited. i think that i will wait for 2 more days (if i can) and do another one! Congratulations to you too! Thank you for sharing your experience with me, i keep running over to it to see if its still there! the box says a positive will stay for atleast 48 hours. It is very faint but yes its definatly there! x will let you know how i get on in couple of days. I have been having bad headaches to for the last week and my back is achy did you have any symptons?


prego nc - May 3

ANY line no matter how faint almost always means prego!!! You could barely see mine, but it was there and am 21 wks now! Congradulations!!! Are you bb's hurting?


Lynn - May 3

I had cramps like my period was going to start that was my only symptoms , that 7 the fact that I had NO pms like I usually do. I actually kept digging my test out of the trash for days after to keep checking that the line was there....At first I said that I would test again in 2 days but I couldn't wait, I tested the next day & the next and the next. Than i went out a bought a different brand and tested with that one too... I just couldn't believe it!


lalya - May 4

hello thank you for your responses. inow im reaslly confused. after lastnights faint line on my first response test i did another one just now and it came back neg. im so confused to why i would have a faint pos and a neg today??


Nikki - May 4

I had the same thing happen! You're Pregnant!! Congrats!! I blood test at the dr. office will confirm!


lalya - May 4

did you? i feel really down now because i was so excited last night when i got a faint pos.i bought a double pack today and have one left do you think that i should do it in the morning? the faint pos is still there from last night and im now so confused.what do you think?


sheena - May 4

Dont get your hopes up! Although it sounds like you are.


lalya - May 4

yes im trying not to but its hard not to. going to do another one in the morning.


Ellie - May 4

Well, sounds like you need to go to the doctor and get this all coniformed. Though, my only problem with First Response was a false negative.


Tamara - May 4

Hey Layla! I am in the same boat. I took a test yesturday and it was a faint line...and today (i too was too impatient) it was neg. so confusing! We were so excited yesturday and now not sure what to think. I have slight cramping and my period is due now in 2 days so I hope it doesn't come. I have a doctor's appn't Friday so we'll see. GOODLUCK to you and keep me posted. I hope we are both in fact preggo!


lalya - May 5

hello, how strange we are in the same boat nice tho that other people experience these things so they can give advice! good luck to you . im due tommorrow feel very bloated today .if im late in a weeks time then i will go to the doctors. x thinking of you. :-)


lalya - May 5

hi, just an update. i rang the help line number on the first response preg test leaflet and i explained that i had had a faint pos and a neg. she said that it depends on when you urinate (altho i did hold my urine for over an hour) and that a possitive test even tho i got a neg never comes up if you are actually pregnant.!!!! i still dnt kno weather she was just saying that as obviously they cant put down there product!! im really confused now!!!!!!!


lalya - May 5

sorry ladies i meant arent pregnant! doh!


Ashley - May 24

i also got a faint line on the first response...then i took another one and it was negative! i dont know what to think and i dont want to tell my hubby yet and get him all excited over nothing. Any ideas?



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