First Signs Of Pregnant

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Am_I_Ready - June 7

Could some one please tell me what the first signs of pregnancy are, besides a hpt. I was told that there is alot of gas inside your stomach. Like bubbling noises and pain/pressure in the lower abdomen. I stopped taking my bc and had unprotected s_x and a little of his c_m get inside of me. I took two tests and both showed negative. Then I got my period a week or two later. It lasted for about 5 days. Now, I've been kinda gagging in the mornings and feel nauseated throughout the day and have become overly hungry. The gagging only occurs in the morning...Someone please help


Trish# - June 7

It sounds like, if you have had 2 BFNs and a 5-day period, you are not pregnant. However, to answer your question, my first pg symptom was very tender b___sts! I never got sickness or nausea.


Am_I_Ready - June 7

I think I would have to miss a period first, but I just feel so wierd on the inside and I've never felt like this before.


Am_I_Ready - June 7

Other ladies...what were some of your first pg symptoms?


amethyst_dragonfly - June 7

AM_I_READY, was your period lighter than usual? Did it have a different color like brown or beige or pink, instead of bright red? Did it have a different consistency (e.g. watery instead of thick)?


Natashasmomma - June 7

This is my 2nd pregnancy, and it is a whole lot different than that first one. My b___st were and still are Sore as heck (My huby cant even touch them) I had alot of extra saliva in my mouth and I was throwing up like crazy


LadyD - June 8

I had 1 symptom when I was pg. I implanted about 1/25 and less than 7 days later I threw up. I thought it was just bad salad dressing, found out almost 2 mths later I was pg. I guess I was fortunate.


Am_I_Ready - June 8

dragonfly, no it wasn't lighter because I had just stopped taking my pills. My stomach just feels crazy and its never felt like this before. Its making all kinds of noises and rumbling and I always get to gagging in the morning but as I'm typing this I feel like I have to throw up. I don't know, I'm very confused


Am_I_Ready - June 8

And yesterday I went to the bathroom 3 times within 1 1/2 and only had a drink at 1pm and one drink within that hour and a half


Aimes - June 8

Coming off the pill can really mess with your body. If this is the first month, that probably what it is. The stomach rumbling and nausea could be to just being hungry, so try to eat something. If you had a normal period it's unlikely you're pregnant. Try another test in a couple of days. Good luck


Am_I_Ready - June 8

I mean I know if its hunger pains or not and its not hunger pains. And my period wasn't normal


San_dee - June 8

its very normal to get all those symptoms just coming off birth control, it takes a while for the hormones to settle down again.


princess-lu - June 11

Ive had what seem to be normal periods, if i wasnt keeping track anyways. They're all over the place, i got a neg preg test and neg urine test though. Id be 18 weeks if i am and i totally get what you mean with the weird feeling. Id go to the docs.. as well as me.


Am_I_Ready - June 12

I know this may sound crazy but I am ready for a baby. And its just wierd that I could have unprotected s_x so many times using the pull out method and not ever get pregnant....


Rhonda - June 13

It's not always easy to get pregnant.



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