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alani - February 15

im so excited i jus found out i was pregnant. im in the process of gettin insurance to go to the doctors. but for now im jus anxious to know so many things. can anyone tell me how long it takes for me to know the s_x of my baby??? and i am 7 weeks pregnant am i suppose to have sympthoms??? i also work two jobs first from 7-4pm and next from 5-10. everyday thats my schedule...its not hard work..but is this dangerous not to rest all day long ...please someone help me im really concerned about the work part, i dont want to complicate things.


Maleficent - February 15

congratulations! most of the time you find out the s_x of the baby around 20 weeks. some women have more symptoms than others. each of my pregnancys have brought an entirely different mix of symptoms. and your work schedual shouldn't be a problem. pregnant women are not sick, and don't need to rest all day. get as much sleep as you can, don't skip breaks. staying active during pregnancy can help create a smoother delivery when the time comes. enjoy your pregnancy!


Rachel* - February 15

As Maleficent said, you can find out the s_x of the baby at 20 weeks. You might find that your symptoms change from week to week. My b___bs were extremely sore during week 5 & 6 and now at week 9 they aren't so bad. I didn't have any nausea until week 7. One thing that you will have to judge for yourself regarding the job is how tired you are. I'm exhausted all day and I don't think I'd be able to work a double like you do. They recommend getting an extra hour or two of sleep per night when you are expecting and to rest throughout the day when you need to. Good luck!


tara - February 15

The first 3 months usually the most tierdsome. I had to go home and sleep for an hour everyday after work, and sleep an extra couple of hours a night as well. But you start to get more energy after the 3rd month. If you are working 2 jobs just be mindfull of your self, and listen to your body. If you are tierd get some rest, don't push your self or over do it. Your baby needs you to have energy so it can grow to be healthy...oh, and eat healthy, and don't skip meals at all. Good luck ;o)


LANI - February 15



KM - February 15

Alani, I suggest looking for the book "what to expect while you're expecting" it's really great and will probably answer just about any question you have about pregnancy. It also gives you a month to month guide of what symptoms you might be experiencing, and what to expect and your doctor's visits.


Lynn - February 15

I'm 19 weeks and I'm supposed to be finding out if the baby is a boy or a girl this week.I think you can find out out after 18 weeks.That's what my dr. told me.About symptoms..I did have symptoms at 7 weeks..I was lucky though and didn't have any morning sickness. But a lot of migraines, discharge,really bad mood swings,I actually felt like I couldn't eat much for the first 3 months,and I was really tired.But now that's pretty much all stopped and I feel good now. About your work..I don't think it should be harmful as long as it's not hard work.At least not now..I don't know how long you plan on working till...but I wouldn't worry about it being too much now.Just make sure you eat good and still take care of yourself. But congrats..and good luck with everything.


alani - February 16




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