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hotbratdog - June 19

I just found out that I'm 7wks and due Feb. 5th. Anyone else due around the same?


kristap - June 20

Hey, I'm 19 and I went to the doc. on last friday and they said I was about 7 weeks, but I havent had an ultrasound yet to confirm how far along I am yet...I go to the doctor on Thursday of this week and I'll know then....


hotbratdog - June 21

I hope everything is well. I about cried when I had my ultrasound. I was like that is my baby wow. Along with the healthy heartbeat.


kristap - June 21

yea...i get my first one tomorrow. do you have myspace or msn or aim??? we sound like we're in the same boat and about the same due would be cool if we could sorta go through this together maybe??


hotbratdog - June 22

yea i have msn and my name is the same on there. what's yours? i think that would be cool.


Krissiem23 - June 23

I am 5 weeks, and due around Feb 25 - March 1st. this is my first and I am so nervouse that something is going to go wrond. so you guys have aol instant messenger so that I could talk with you also? My myspace name is Ed, Kristen & Baby!


kristap - June 23

Yeah... so uh... I went to the doctor yesterday.. My first real appointment... he did the feeling around thing and then he said... Hmm... looks like your about 16-18 weeks along..... WOW.. I'm alot further along than I thought.. YIKES!!! Then we listened to the heartbeat and I have my 1st ultrasound on Monday.... SO.. It looks like I'm not around the same time as you guys are.... But I'd still love to talk!!! My msn is [email protected] and my aim is nrvnachick17 and my myspace is just my email... search for me on there.. Hope to talk to you all soon!


hotbratdog - June 23

well congrats on all that. i added you on my msn so maybe next time your on let me know you got it. and Krissiem23 if you have msn messenger my email is [email protected] i dont have anything else. and congrats



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