First Time Want To Be Mommy Needs Helpful Advice

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Jessica - October 27

My soon to be husband and I want to start a family right away. How soon after conception will the test be acurate? I should be very fertil since I just got off the pill. And I am slightly underweight, about 100 when I should be 115. Is this going to hurt my baby?


Melissa - October 28

If you want your testing to be is best to wait until the day of ..or after your period to test. That gives enough time for the pregnancy hormone HCG to build up in your system and register on a test. Some home pregnancy tests are sensitive and can be used 4 days before your period is due.Just check the box to see at what level the HCG is detected..I think 15mlu is the very far as your weight might want to try to gain a little more for your sake...just eat healthy and consistently through out the day...and take a vitamin in so you can get enough of what you need. Drink plenty of fluids and keep in shape!. If you have been pet_te your whole life....I dont see why it should cause a problem...unless you have some sort of eating disorder. Just eat smart and sensibly.Baby Dust and take care~*~*~*~*~*~


Jamie - October 28

I was underweight (105 when should've been 120s) when I conceived...I developed pre-ecclampsia and hypertension, and gained a total of 75 pounds during pregnancy. Now, almost 3 months after delivering, I'm *slightly* overweight (140s when I should be in 120s) But, I have no evidence that my pregnancy complications were due to my weight.


kris A. - October 28

Make sure to start taking Folic Acid supplements now to ensure protection against neural and spinal defects... you will need 150% of recommended dosage to protect baby. Plan to have s_x beginning on the tenth day after the first day of your period (most fertile days are day 11-14 of a 28 day cycle, but it always varies so better safe than sorry)... If his sperm is strong you can have s_x every day, or alternate days work too... like Melissa says, for a clear answer wait until at least the day after your period should start... I was thin - 5-8 tall and 135 pounds and concieved right away... plus I am 34 - 35 next week ... baby dust to you! :)



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