First Trimester Have Bad Cold What Meds Can I Take

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jena - April 1

Hi, I'm only 3 weeks pregnant and have a horrible cold and cough - do you know of any medicines that are safe to take while pregnant? Thank you so much in advance


Sonya - April 1

I would check with your Dr. I believe most Dr. have a list of medicines they believe are safe during pregnancy. But it has always been my experience that over the counter meds really don't do much good with a cold anyway so it may not be worth it to take them. Your Dr. will give you the best advice.


vanessa - April 1

i agree with sonya you have to ask your careprovider or your doctor because they have list of medicine that you can use!


Sue - April 2

You can take Sudafed for a cold and Robitussum DM for cough. Hope you feel better!


kim - April 2

i took sudafed when i was pregnant with my daughter and i also took it with this pregnancy


Nicola Salter - April 3

Hello, As far as i'm aware you are only allowed to take paracetamol! I was told not to take Ibruprofen and lemsips etc but if you are worried your best talking to your midwife or doctor and they will let you know exactly what you are and are not allowed as it seems to be changing everyday! x x


Meg - April 3

Regular sudafed in the white box with the red writing. That is what I took when I was pregnant last time with my daughter.


kia - April 22

im 8months with my 2nd ,and i dont take anything unless it gets unbearable and recomended by you ob


britt - April 22

i think that is kind of wierd anyways, because you are 4 weeks before you even know


nelly - April 22

I just got over a bad cold as well and I went to the doctor he prescribed a z pack for me to take and an antihistamine. He also told me I could take plain robitussin for my cough and pretty much anything for a sore throat such as lozengers and chloraseptic. You might want to call your doctor though and be sure its ok for you.


jena - April 22

britt - i ovulated late and got a BFP on my blood test at 2 weeks. no thanks for your comment :)


Dr. Hutch - April 23

There are several OTC meds that are considered safe in pregancy. One disclaimer though. Most that are available have never ever been tested in pregnancy as far as I know. Why? Because it would be unethical. Who would want to be in a study where they weren't sure if a drug could harm the fetus? No one. Most of the opinions given about drug safety comes from animal studies and from thousands of patients who inadvertantly took meds when they were pregnant and nothing happened. Many a___lyses have been done and there are clearly some drugs that appear to be safe. Remember, humans are different from rats and pigs. Just because it is safe in them is rea__suring but it doesn't bring the risk to zero. Case in point, in the 1960s a sedative , thallidomide, was marketed that initial animal testing said was safe. It went on to cause severe arm and leg malformations in many babies. Now, that was well over 35 years ago. I'd like to think the FDA and our current testing is better now. However, I always tell my patients, if you don't need to absolutely take it, don't. A cold will go away in a week or so. But if you pop a benedryl or a sudafed and you miscarry you'll always wonder if it was the drug you took. Even if there is no data to support your a__sumption. Here in general are a few meds that are considered safe but of course always check with you OB first. Nasal congestion- sudafed. I've always been a little nervous about this one even though countless OBs have told me it is safe. Sudafed can affect blood pressure and circulation in pregancy. So if you are having any high blood pressure issues, have a history of pre-eclampsia, are diabetic or hyperthyroid don't take it. Runny nose- benedryl or chlortrimaton if it is due to a cold or allergies. OTC claritin would be good for allergies. Cough- plain robitussen, not robitussen DM or dextromethorphan. Upset stomach- tums or OTC zantac. If you are taking a prenatal vitamin with iron make sure you take the iron and calcium separately in the day. Mixing them will affect how well they are absorbed. Fever- tylenol as directed on the label is quite safe. Unfortunately, some patients think more is better. Do not exceed the recommended dosage. If you do, you risk liver damage. If taken correctly this is not a concern. Avoid aspirin and motrin/ibuprofen. Fatigue- back ma__sage but not hot tub or heating pads. Hope this helped.


lilysmomma - April 24

Lol with this pregnancy and my last I found out basically the day after we conceived. I throw up as soon as implantation occurs. So I think you're the weird one!


lilysmomma - April 24

Sue - Dextromethorphan is not safe for use in pregnancy, especially not in the vital first trimester. Neither of those meds are considered safe in the first trimester. Britt- Lol with this pregnancy and my last I found out basically the day after we conceived. I throw up as soon as implantation occurs. So I think you're the weird one! Nelly - For christs sake I wish docs would stop handing out Z paks like candy, that is THE MAIN REASON we have so many antibiotic-resistant bugs, including said cold virus. If you haven't already, please throw that c___p away, along with your antibacterial hand soap. Washing for 30 seconds does the trick, trust me. ].[ Jenna - Poor baby! I am also dying of a cold my lovely sisters (whom arent pregnant and are free to consume whatever they wish grr) gave me, and other than mentholated cough drops and chamomile tea with honey and lemon, there isn't anything we can do that we KNOW is safe. :( :( :( I'm suffering with ya momma. 8 weeks here.



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