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tylers wife to be - December 31

how early can you see baby, sac or anything pregnancy related on an u/s...i'm 5wks 5 days and my dr couldn't see anything yesterday is that normal?


sunshine7610 - December 31

Did you have an internal u/s or abdominal one? At 5w5d, you may see a small sac with nothing in it yet (too early). But abdominally, it may not be visible yet.


tylers wife to be - January 1

they did both...but we didn't see anything at all...guess even the sac may be too small to see


babyblue2 - January 1

I had my first u/s at 5w5d and all they saw was the sac. No fetal pole. I just had a second u/s done (I am now 10w4d) and all was well with baby. Its really early... if you have your dates off just a little, it may be too early for even a sac to be seen. Will they repeat the scan in a week for you?


tylers wife to be - January 1

i go back monday which will be 6 days, and i know that they are gonna do more blood tests but bot sure if they will do another u/s...this is my first baby thats made it to the anything that isnt good news is scary :(


sunshine7610 - January 1

Try not to worry too much Tyler's wife to be, like babyblue said if your dates are just a couple days off, it'll be too small to see anything yet with ultrasound. I'm sure they'll do another u/s just to make sure that they can see the sac inside the uterus. Let us know how it goes....Good luck!


babyblue2 - January 2

In my case, my doc would not do another scan, but did blood work to make sure my HCG levels were climbing. My levels went from 400s to 13000s in a week, so doc was satisfied that everything was progressing well. See what your blood tests show, and in the mean time, think positive for your baby. Its not easy (trust me... I know), but there isn't much else to do besides wait and hope for the best. Good luck!


tylers wife to be - January 2

Thanks guys!! I'm tryin hard not to get disappointed or scared but it gets hard when you're the first of your friends that you see daily to have a baby...glad that i have you guys to talk to!!



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