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tiphanai - June 20

Hi all, so I went to see my doctor yesterday. She told me my first ultrasound would be at 18 weeks and we would be listening for the hb ata 8-10 weeks. I'm only 5 weeks now and I can't believe I have to wait that long!! I read about others getting scans much much earlier. Fact is, i do know exactly when my last period was and how long they usually are. Is that the reason they won't do it any earlier? I live in Vancouver, Canada but i have heard of other Canadian women going in a lot earlier. I mean, wouldn't they do a scan earlier to make sure the pregnancy is carrying on ok? I'm confused and i'm ranting, can anyone give me any info on this? thanks


adensmama - June 20

you are fine, just think of it like this..if you only get one or two ultrasounds the later on you get it its a lot neater cuz your baby is more formed..i got my first one at 23 weeks it seemed like FOREVER! But my ultrasounds pics wer SO clear and perfect! any sooner they may not have been so clear..


tiphanai - June 20

thanks adensmama, that's a positive way to look at it. :-) btw, aden is a wonderful name! do know if u/s are used to discover abnormalities? part of me is thinking, what if something was wrong and we could find out earlier by doing a u/s? maybe i'm paranoid. i'm feeling so b___hy and grouchy today. morning sickness is setting in and my stupid neighbors keeping slamming their front door! argh..


Jennifer28 - June 20

Normally, only one u/s is performed -unless there are signs that something is wrong - b/c of insurance coverage. I had a couple of early scans b/c my dates were WAY off and b/c my 1st pg ended in m/c. At my 8w appt. I just expected an u/s. But, dr. said everything sounded normal - so no u/s. I was very disappointed not to see my little bean again - and to find out I wouldn't until 18 weeks!! I know it seems like forever, but time should pa__s by quickly. Just remember, no early u/s is a good sign everything is going as it should. Good luck and I wish you all the best!


adensmama - June 20

ya i would say since he isnt worried about doing any ultrasound anytime too soon that you are just ultrasounds i think it is possible to find abnormalties but so far it looks like the heartbeat and everything is just fine so you will have no major problems..Good luck with everything though and i wish the bet for u!


adensmama - June 20

best** sorry!


HannahBaby - June 20

as long as you know your dates you most likely wont get an ultrasound. There are some ladies on here who get an US every 4 weeks at their drs appt. I got one at 10 weeks (didnt know dates) and one at 19 weeks. I wont get another one unless their is a problem (im going for a 4d us in july)


KimS - June 20

Hey Tiphanai I live in Ontario and one of my best friends is a family doctor.. she told me that if you know when you ovulated and there are no issues.. ie. you are not high risk etc.. that they won't do an u/s until 18- 20 weeks I have my first appointment tomorrow and she told me that if I wanted one done to tell my doctor that I had irregular cycles and that I don't know when I ovulated and to ask for a dating ultrasound... so I guess the good news for you is that they are not concerned about your pregnancy at all!!!


KimS - June 20

OH and Tiphanai.. my doctor friend also said that it is the 18 - 20 week u/s that is used to check all of the organs and to confirm that there are no abnormalities.. it is hard to do it any earlier..


tiphanai - June 20

thanks girls, you're awesome! i feel alot better after all your comments. i was kinda stressing about this, but i'm no longer going to worry about it. it does seem like a long ways away, but now is the perfect time for me to learn some patience! thanks again, and take care everyone :-)


tndrlvn - June 21

Hi Tiphanai, I am in Prince George BC, i went for an ultrasound at 81/2 weeks only because i have had a history of miscarriages, otherwise yes you have to wait till 18 weeks. Thank god i am now 17 TODAY!!!! i go for my 18 week one almost at 19 weeks, if there is no reason for you to go for an earlier ultrasound meaning complications with the pregnancy they feel there is no reason to have you come in, unfortunatly you have to wait.....there really isn't any reason other then that for you to go early, they wait till 18 to 20 weeks becuase then baby is pretty much formed, and they can see everything is don't fret, even though the waiting game is sooooooooooooooo freakin stressful....but just think 18 weeks to see baby in u/s is a lot sooner then 9 months when baby is out......ahhahaha and Congrats!!!!!!!!!!!!


jenrodel - June 21

Hello! I am also in Vancouver. I had my ultrasound at almost 20 weeks. I think the only reason they do it earlier (here anyhow) is if there is a reason to be concerned. If your pregnancy seems to be going along normally and you and baby seem healthy they will only do the one at 20 weeks. I know, it feels like forever to wait, but it is great. (Although they may not tell you the s_x even if you want to know since it is Vancouver...but you may get lucky and have a tech that will.) Just a heads up, because it's pretty disappointing if you are expecting to find out and they won't tell. Best of luck!


kelley32 - June 22

First of all ... CONGRATS!!!! I am in Québec ... had my first OB appt 2 days ago (I'm 14 weeks), and was pleasantly surprised when the doc said that he would do an u/s at every visit just to make sure that everything is OK with the baby. I guess it depends on the doctor, and for some, an u/s replaces the need for an internal exam to check the baby's growth. I know it is long to wait and I would be so anxious too, but in the meantime, try to enjoy all the different feelings and wonderful experiences that being pregnant brings :-)


Erynn21 - June 23

I didn't get one because I knew exactly when I concieved, so my doc. didn't see the reasoning to do one earlier. Mine was done @ 19wks. it was awesome because the baby is all formed and we got to find out that we are having a girl. She sucked her thumb it was awesome, and I personally don't like bouncing sound waves unecessarily off my baby, but that's my own weird thing. Waiting is worth it.


NURSEJ - June 25

13 weeks seems a bit long b4 a 1 u/s. i had my 1st one at 6 weeks b/c i was considered high risk pregnancy so to make sure everything was ok. my next one is scheduled for 10 weeks on 6-26-06. good luck.



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