Flatulence During Labor

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Dread - December 16

This may sound silly - but I'm a modest (extremely) person and I have never farted in front of my husband. Never. So I've heard the horror stories about pooping during labor - but do you ever fart? I am terrified of this, to the point of considering asking my husband to not be in the room.


Liz - December 16

Dude...farting is the least of your worrys when campared to taking a c___p right infrount of everyone...don't you think? Anyway wait till your in labor man...your not goin to care if the doctor sticks his whole hand up there and yanks the baby out all your goin to want to do is deliver and be done with it. I've farted infrount of my dh but I was nervious about the poop factor...cause pooping is just so private I was scared he would be so grossed out he'd puke or something...well I went in to labor...pooped on the delivery table and lived to tell the tale and you will to. Dh said he didn't see anything but I know he did he was standing down there looking in the while time.....and besides what's alittle poop....or fart for that matter.....after they hand you your baby you not going to care about anything else...trust me.


Lin - December 16

That would be incredibly selfish to ask your husband to miss one of the most amazing experiences of his life just because you're paranoid about farting in front of him. Think about it - it's not just your experience. It's his, too.


Melissa - December 16

I a__sisted in the birth of my best friend's baby. She pooped, but didn't fart. At least not that I heard. I would think pooping is more embara__sing than farting! Anyway, I wouldn't worry about it, the doctors are expecting this to happen. And she was not even aware that she did it, to this day I didn't tell her!


anita - December 16

OMG!!! this is something that terrifies me too! not the farting, but the pooping part. i don't see how i can possibly do all that pushing and not #2 too. the only relief i have is knowing that if it happens, it'll be embara__sing but nothing the delivery team hasn't seen before...and i'm sure my fiance will get over it. don't rob your hubby of this precious experience b/c of your modesty...it's his baby too and he deserves to see witness the birth of his child. i'm sure that he'll be very understanding of any embara__sing thing that you do during labor.


Great Idea! - December 16

I have an idea..you can do one of 2 things. The 1st one is to make a really loan groan noise every single time you know a fart is coming. That way he won't be able to hear a thing! LOL. The other one is to take a farting machine w/you. Now, be aware that he may wonder what the heck you're doing w/that. Just tell him that that sound relaxes you tremendously and you just can't have the baby without it! He'll think you're weird but at least he won't hear you farting!!!!


Drew - December 16

Trust me when it comes right down to it, farting will be the least of your concerns!! Specially when you've had countless nurses and doctors taking a good long look down there. Just think, if you do fart in front of him, you won't have to live in the agony of holding one in around him any longer!


Dread - December 16

Well, the poop thing doesn't bother me as much because I will have a sheet covering my legs, and so he wouldn't see .....but flatulence you can hear. And no, I don't think I will suddenly not care no matter how intense labor is.


OMG! - December 17

Get over it. I'm sorry, but there's just no way two people can possibly be very close if they can't even fart in front of each other. Let me guess, you'd never let him in the room while you're peeing, either, would you? Lighten up. They're natural bodily functions. The Victorian era is over.


Agreeing with OMG! - December 17

This is your husband. If you've never farted in front of him, what else are you afraid to do in front of him? You'll probably vomit in front of him as well while you're in labor. Be yourself and don't even worry. He won't care and, frankly, you won't be able to exercise control over functions while you're delivering anyway.


Drew - December 17

I soooo agree with the 2 previous posters, and who told you there will be a sheet over your legs while your pushing? It's not like on tv!! lol


Chelsey - December 17

Ha ha! This is funny, b/c I too was worried about farting and sh*tting infront of anyone! With my first baby, I had a v____al birth, and the whole time I was pushing I was scared I would poop! As soon as she came out, I asked the doctors if I "lost control of any bodily functions?" I hadn't! Then with my 2nd baby, I had a c-section and the whole time I was laying on the table, I could feel myself farting little bits! I couldn't hear them or smell them, but then again I had a sheet blocking my lower half. But who's to say the doctors and nurses didn't hear or smell them! I was too mortified to ask.


Dana - December 17

Ok, I can't help with the gas thing, but Dread - if you want a sheet over your legs, you can have a sheet over your legs - they have to respect your wishes to be covered.


H - December 17

I've never had gas while in labor. I have three kids.


LM - December 17

I had a hard and long labor. DH watched me suffer. He couldn't have cared less that I did number two. His only concern was helping me through it.


Liz - December 17

Dread I was the first one who responded and who told you you would have a sheet over your legs.? They didn't have a sheet over my legs when I delivered...I don't think they do that anymore. PS- you see sheets over womens legs on tv because they don't want everything to be on camera....but even if you request a sheet you husband is going to want to take a look and he's going to see stuff he never dreamed of. And by the way...I can't beleive you can be so worried about farting and have no problem with pooping...poop smells you know and he's going to know you pooped ....sheet or not.....your being a tad rediculious.


LM - December 17

I kid you not, I could have went ON him, he wouldn't have blinked. He only wanted me to not suffer.



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