Flu Shot

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Lynn - December 7

My doctor says I need to get a flu shot. I am getting one tomorrow and am afraid I am going to get sick. I have never got a shot before because I was always afraid I would get sick from the shot. What do you know about this?


ErinJoy - December 7

I never get them because I was told the same thing. But, if your Dr suggested it and you trust him/her I'd do it.


E - December 7

I got mine for the first time two weeks ago and was sick the next day, as I was told would happen. I had cold/flu like symptoms which went away within 24 hours. Much better than the alternative. The shot was painless much to my surprise. Giving blood hurts more than the flu shot.


Reb - December 7

Be sure to get the traditioanl shot in your arm not the Flumist in your nose. The shot has deadened (really a only a piece of) the flu virus, to which your body can react briefly - 24hrs of cold/flu symptoms, but you cannot get the actual flu from the shot, since the virus is not active and does not have the necessary pieces of the virus to give you the flu. Your arm may hurt at the injection site just because they are putting a few units of fluid there that has to disperse. Avoid the Flumist nasal vaccine because it does contain live virus and can make you sick and contagious. I have had the flu shot for 14 out of the past 15 years, and have never gotten the flu from it. I have had a day or so of not feeling 100%, but it pa__ses.


Reb - December 7

p.s. after you get the shot, try to hold your arm up for a few minutes. That will help the vaccine work its way into your system and may cut down on the soreness of your arm.


Christine - December 8

You do not have to get the shot...most doctors promote them to pregnant woman because they say your immune system is lower during pregnancy...I am on my 3rd and have never heard this until this year...(where now I work at a doctors office)...my ob never told me to get one...Anyone who has asthma, heart problems, diabetes, HIV, or any other immune diffeciency should get one...but it is your choice...just remember if you catch the flu you may go through a much worse case due to being pregnant...I decided against it because there is a shortage and I feel the elderly and sick need it worse than me...(knock on wood) I have never had the flu...as Reb said there is no live virus in the shot so you may feel a little sick for 24 hours but that should be it....good luck


tiffani - December 8

I had the flu shot last year when I was pregnant and never got sick. It was like E said, painless.



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