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Jill - November 14

Are you getting one? Doctor tells me to get a flu shot. Now, the OB and the regular doctor are right next to eachother. It's one big front desk and one big waiting room. So I go over to the regular doctor to make and appoinment. Nope, all out. You think they would talk to eachother, hunh???? Now I don't know where to get one. I am not that worried about it, I never get the flu anyway. Just wondering if anyone else is not getting one.


elle - November 14

i got one a few weeks ago, i'm sick with a really sore throat n upset stomach, i dono if thats a side effect but the shot wont hurt the baby.


Dustie - November 14

Try your health department.


Charlene - November 14

I have never had one in the past and my OB thinks that everyone should have one. I still don't think I will get one though. like you , my immune system is pretty good at defending itself and I'd hate to mess that up :)


DEFINITELY - November 14

not getting one. My doctor hasn't even recomended one.


Jill - November 15

I am 9 weeks pregnant and wondering if it is ok to get the flu shot during this stage of pregnancy??


Tess - November 15

Jill, Ive consulted my Dr. about getting a flu shot. He wants me to get it because Im pregnant during the flue season (oct-march) so better be safe than sorry.


Prob. Not - November 15

My doctor strongly advised me to get one since I'm pregnant, but I've never had a problem during flu season(always later in the year). Anyway, I don't think I'll get one unless he keeps hara__sing me about it. I'm really scared to because of the mercury. He said he tells all his pregnant patients to get the shot so they won't keep calling the office asking what to take when they get sick.


js - November 16

The flu shot is not for the generic everyday winter variety all - it's the DEADLY flu that's what it's for - check with your doctor. Getting the shot at any stage in pregnancy is fine. I got mine, but then I have asthma and am on the list to get one every year. I talked to my OB about it and found out the above info... Thought I would pa__s it on...


UHM - November 16

When was the last time you heard of a healthy adult, child or teenager, getting the flu and dieing from it. You would have to have major complications and a suppressed immune system to die from a regular old flu. Currently there isnt a vaccine for bird flu, so l am not even talking about that one. The ederly and immuno depressed are the people for whom the flu can be DEADLY. I think you should actually check into what the flu vaccine protects against before giving advice. Had you checked you would know that this years flu vaccine is to protect against the strains of flu the health department believe will be prevalent this year, not some super deadly form of the flu.


Uhm - November 16

I guess I should add that just because you get the vaccine does not mean you will not get the flu, it will just lessen the likelihood that you will get the the strain of the virus they believe will be prevalent if you are vaccinated, although there are many many strains of the virus. The bottom line is if you happen to come into contat with a strain that they are not vaccinating for this year YOU MAY STILL GET THE FLU. It is certain that mercury is a neurotoxin in suffient quant_ties (no one seems to know how much, but you can tell me which flu will be prevalent--go figure that out!) ESPECIALLY in the developing fetus, what is not certain is that you will be protected against the flu should you get a shot. Let me wrap this up by saying if you always get the flu, then it might help put you at ease to get the shot. If you havent had the flu since 1983, I would think long and hard about whether to do it or not.


Jill - November 16

Okay... two Jills here. I am the original poster and am 17 weeks. So what is this stuff about mercury? There is mercury in the shot? My sis in law said she did not get one when she was preggo last year, and she works in a hospital! I don't think I will bother. I never get it. I work at home, few germs find me. Though my husband works retail, so he brings them home.. He'll just have to sleep in the guest room if he gets sick! LOL


UHm - November 16

Although it is possible to get the Flu without thermerisol. Thermerisol is a preservative used in vaccines. Most childhood vaccines no longer contain thermerisol which breaks down into a type of mercury. The great majority of flu shots still contain the preservative because the flu shot is not really a recommended childhood vaccine--at least not yet. To get the shot with out thermerisol you have to call ahead to see if where you will be geting the flu shot has a thermerisol free vrsion. Quant_ties are limited so they may not, or they may have to order it for you.


Erin - November 16

Just because you've never gotten the flu before doesn't mean that you won't get it this year. I heard (although I haven't done research on this) that the high fever that goes along with the flu can cause miscarriage in early pregnancy or preterm births later on. It seems very risky to me NOT to get the shot, and I trust my doctor not to recommend something that is going to hurt my baby. Since he recommended getting the shot, I'm getting it.


Don't know - November 16

If it was just me I wouldn't. My midwife says I should since the baby will be born during flu season and infants don't get flu shots. Don't want to, but I probably will.


RAC - November 17

I read you should not get the flu shot until your 2nd trimester. I am 20 weeks and just got it last week.



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