Fluid Leak

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ash_ash - June 22

I am waiting for my husband to get off work, gotta love the military they wont let him off. I am 22 and I am pregnant with my 2nd child. I am 17 weeks pregnant, I finally gave in to my husband last night to have s_x and when he entered there was a wierd pop sensation and a large gush of liquid. There was no odor and it was clear, I guess I was waiting for cramping or pain. I was wondering if anyone has experienced this?


JESS1980 - June 22

Ash_Ash. PLEASE call your doctor. When my mom's water broke, it made a distinctive "pop" sound, followed by a large gush of water. Amniotic fluid is typically odorless and clear. You definitely need to find out what happened.


kimholl28 - June 22

Wow, have you not called your DR. yet. I would immediately. You are only 17 weeks way to early if that was water leaking. The pop you describe sounds like your bag may have popped. I would be very worried until I seen my Dr. Please atleast get checked to make sure. Sometimes you can pee and not realize it when your pregnant but this wouldn't be clear! This is not normal this early, hope you went to the Dr. and are not waiting on this reply!


kimholl28 - June 22

I just read my post and it sounds a little rude! Sorry I just really want to urge you to see a Dr. now!


ash_ash - June 22

No it wasnt rude I know but I have a 1 yr old and I am waiting for my husband to come home. Apparently they will not let him off.. So now I am just waiting and nervous untill i can go.


kimholl28 - June 22

Hve you talked to the Dr. yet? I would for sure put a cal in and let him know what is going on. For now please take it easy. I know with a 1 year old that can be hard, but try and put your feet up and rest, and get to the Dr. as soon as you can. Good luck!


livdea - June 22

oh...I want to know what is going on! Keep us posted!


Deb - June 22

Honey, you need to get to a Dr. as soon as possible! Is there anyone else that can take you? If it was your water breaking, then you are very susceptible to infection right now and there is a good chance you could go into preterm labor! Please, please, please get to a doctor!!!


kimholl28 - June 23

ash-ash, hope everything is going well! Let us know ok!



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