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Confused&Concerned - February 16

I have taken several pregnancy test and they all come up negative. I have never been late on my period but my period was late in January by one day and I did not have my usual symptoms of br___t tenderness or cramps or a headache. This month, my period seemed to be normal. I went to the doctor Monday past and had another urine pregnancy test and it was negative. I have had fluttering in my stomach off and on for alittle over a month. If I am not pregnant what else causes fluttering? Other than fluttering, I am currently not experiencing any other symptoms. I am debating on getting a blood pregnancy test but I would hate to waste more money. Please help me!


tara - February 16

If you really think you may be pregnant and need to know I don't think it'll be a waste of money to find.


Mimi - February 16

well confused&concerned , thank u for ur question ! I am going through the same problem apart that i have had weird periods & my belly is sticking out too, and i am tall and very slim with flat stomach by nature.I have asked the same question somewhere on here without getting any answers so far, u might get luckier than me ! Does ur fluttering feel like bubbles? pocorn ? That's how i feel them, and they seem to be stronger with time as well.And i know it's not gas and it's not in my head ! If u find anything please let me know for we are riding in the same boat ,and my doctor is not taking me seriously .Good luck to u.


Confused&Concerned - February 16

Thank the Lord someone is understanding where I am coming from. I don't know what is wrong. But yes from time to time if it is not fluttering is like a popping feeling and it has gotten stronger but all pregnancy test say negative. When i went to the doctor Monday they just gave me a urine test b/c she says I had my period and I am on BC well to me that makes not difference from what I have heard and read but I don't think she took me seriously either. I just want to know for certain b/c I am still having these things going on and if I am not pregnant, I am still concerned b/c something is going on in there.


Rachel* - February 16

From what I've read on this board you can't feel the baby "flutter" until at week 10 at the earliest. Don't know what to tell you.


Confused&Concerned - February 16

Well if I am, my sister and I have thought I would probably be about 3 mos. b/c everytime something has went on with me, I always tell her b/c she has been pregnant before but all my tests just say NO. I don't know either. Its weird though and the doctor had the nerve to say its Gas! I have had gas before and its not gas! LOL!


Concerned - February 16

If I find out anything ~m~ I will let you know - please do the same.


Mimi - February 16

Exactly like me ! My doc has teh nerves to tell me it was gas too ! Uh....hello, it is not gas , ok .Docs just want to tell u whatever they want when they don't know what's wrong with someone! Like u i'd be about 3 mths too.I mean my belly always was flat, and now everyone in my household is telling me my belly is growing .My hubby just told me a min ago , boy ur belly is getting big ! He thinks i'm getting fat though ( just in the belly ??) or maybe he's seriously in denial ! Anyway....-ve tests, tiredness, huge hunger.I have 2 kids already so i know as well what it feels like( the 1st kicks i mean ).I don't know what to do either.What are u gonna do ?Read the other posts, women that thought they were preg.going thru the same thing as us and were indeed preg. I'll let u know if anything changes.


Mimi - February 16

P.S: confused, i read on another post a woman who were only getting -ves from HPT's and she decided to buy one off the web ,a more sensitive one and she had her +ve, confirmed by her doc, u might want to try that !


Concerned - February 17

~m~ When does milk start producing in your b___st? I have never been pregnant so that is why I am asking.


Mimi - February 17

Concerned, ( i suppose u asked me this because there isn't a ~m~ here ), For both my pregnancies , i have only produced milk after birth, but some ppl do produce milk before. But every pregnancy is different ( If i was there would be no comparison at all with my previous ones .) I'm so annoyed .....


confused2 - April 20

This is weird to see someone with the same fluttering that I am experiencing. I feel that it is too strong to be just gas, but I'm almost positive that I am not pregnant. (Unless my husband's vasectomy didn't work) I have not been late with my cycle or anything, but my stomach is bloated and I have gained some weight. I have not been to the Dr. for lack or insurance and fear of being made to look foolish.


Samehere - June 2

I can sympathize with both of you. I'm feeling the same fluttering. I already have one child and remember what its like to feel a baby kick. However, this fluttering has been going on for about 3 months also. My belly is very big. If you didn't know me, you would think that I'm three to four months pregnant. My cycles are very inconsistent. One month I'll have a cycle, it next month it may or maynot show up. I've had a cycle at least three out of the five months but they're very light. Unlike the last several years, where I've bleed like a open artery. Right after my daughter was born, I had my tubes tied, so I don't think that I'm pregnant but I have all the symptoms. Hungry, tried, emotional etc. I can't find any anwers either.


Heidi - June 2

I didn't feel any flutters till I was almost 15 wks.


Confused & Concerned - June 2

Heidi, I have been experiencing this since December. I went to the doctor as I said and all tests came back negative. Now, they say I have a benign polyp. I am afraid that they maybe mistaken a baby for a polyp. Anyway I read that this did happen to someone. But I am still feeling flutters to the point to where my shirt moves some times while I am experiencing flutters. My stomach is growing and I can no longer wear my rings. I usually wear about eight or nine rings and for the past several months, I haven't been able to do so. They say as long as my cycle is on, I am not pregnant. Well I have an aunt who had a period throughout her entire pregnancy so I know that is not true. And I get nauseous every now and then but I feel flutters off and on all day - everyday. So I still have brought tests but no positive signs yet. So I have made up my mind to save my money and if so, hopefully time will tell and the good Lord will make sure everything is okay. If not, something is causing it. They say gas but everyone knows what gas feel like and its not gas. I know my body and something abnormal is going on and if I am pregnant - its abnormal to me because I have never been pregnant so I don't know what its suppose to feel like. Its weird and hard to explain.


marie - June 10

i'm in the same boat as all of you with the flutters large belly look at least 5 months along. sick to my stomach signs everywhere negative test but i had tubes tied 14 years ago people think i'm losing it but i asked my dr for a ultrasound something is not right i feel very pregant i'm so depressed my boys think i'm lying to them when i say i don't know i started to eat good things just in case i am good luck to everyone.


Chely - June 10

I am experiencing fluttering and I am only 6 weeks along. I think it depends on how ''in tune" you are with your body to realize that they might be fluttering. My DR said that a stomach flutter is right up there with one of the signs of early pregnancy.



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