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MommieX2 - October 22

Hello, everyone!! And I am right with you all. I have had 2 children and after my 2nd one I had my tubes tied. Every since then I have felt fluttering in my stomach. At first I tried to ignore it and then it kept happening, and then I was like omg I'm pregnant, but after about $100 worth of pregnancy test, urine test and bloodwork, they all kept coming up negative. So I was like Im not about to keep wasting money. But I finally hooked up with my great OBGYN and he said that especially if you have been pregnant before, you anything that moves or flutters in your stomach quickly draws your attention to it. He said it is absolutely gas that is loacated in your stomach and he asked me to try to remember what if felt like before i had my children and I couldnt tell him, lol and he was like exactly, he said you dont really pay attention to what it actually feels like until you have had something else moving down there and once you have that experience, it all feels like fluttering, whether its nerves or stress or gas. Now for the ones, who seem to have all the symptoms of being pregnant, you probably are. No matter how many tests you have taken, you are. With my first pregnacy I took so many test over the course of 3 months and they allllllll were negative, my period was never regular so there was no way I could go by that. My chest was sore, and I was tired, the tests at the doctor's were even negative. Till I finally got fed up and was like give me a blood test, it came back positve. I went for my first check up and i was 3 1/2 months pregnant. The doctor explained to me that my hormones werent strong enough yet to detect it in pregnancy tests, and most often they need to do blood test to make sure. So, to ease all your stress and wondering and thinking, I encourage you to just get the blood test, instead of keep spending money on urine tests. I probably spent the first semester of my childrens college money on trying to find out if I was or not! lolollol well good luck to you all and I hope my "book" or reply has helped you all.


adriannajo - June 20

hi. i have been experiencing flutter in my lower part of my stomache. right where you normally cramp before your period...right there. it started on the left side and now its in the center. the first time it happened i got scared b/c the flutter was soooo obvious. it stopped me in my tracks and i called for my husband to come in and tell me what was wrong with me. he said i had gas. why does everything think i have gas all the time? lol. probably b/c i do but that is another issue. i have never had a flutter down there before. i have been trying to get pregnant for 10yrs now and no luck. we are trying this time *naturally* and well we have only been actually trying with timing it and all on ovulation for about 3weeks now. this has been going on for about a month. during that month it has happened twice. the first was the one that scared me. then last night. last night while i was laying in bed watching tv with hubby it started again. and it would go off and on for about 20minutes. i keep wondering what it is. never occured to me to think of it as pregnancy at all. i honestly cant think of my body working enough to get pregnant lol. but i'm praying it will happen. anyhow...i read you stories and i see some are pregnant and some arent. i'm curious as to find out what my problem is. i have no insurance and i have 7 step children so money is pretty tight with spending what we can on them. if anyone else has any information i would love to hear it. my cousin was pregnant and her test came back negative and she said it felt like gas in her stomache and then when she went to the doctors they did an ultrasound and it turned out she was pregnant 7weeks. so i do think its possible to feel something that early. no womans body is the same as the other. anyhow thanks for listening to me panic lol. cant wait to hear more of what you guys find out what your 'flutter' is. take care all!


schar - June 21

sorry but it sounds like gas to me good luck!


Malica - June 23

I don't think you'll find out what the others' flutters were -- their posts were from 2005. I'm going to guess since they didn't post here to say they were pregnant after all it turned out that they were not and it was in fact gas (which as much as we all try to deny -- we *all* have gas at some point as it's a natural byproduct of digestion).


jprice - September 10

I have had my tubes clamped about 6 years ago and I have been having the fluttering in the stomach. I know it is not gas. I have never had a normal period so that doesnt help. I feel like i would be wasting money on a test. Can anyone help?


deelle - September 10

we are trying to get pregnant and at the moment i am feeling very strange....nauseous,off my evening meal(same thing on my first pregnancy)....full and just different but as i'm not due period for 2 wks i have been told it is too early to find out..we have not been trying for very long so dont know am i just wishful thinking or what but as regards the FLUTTERING i really dont mean to be a killjoy but i mean this mainly for the ladies with tubes tied r husbands wit vasectomies but i suffer on and off with irritable bowel disease and would get this bloatedness and fluttering while going through a bout..hope this helps and hope you all get the result you are looking for....xoxo



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