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Amber - November 1

I am going to be 35 weeks over christmas and I was told that it is not safe to fly when this far along but my doctor said that it was ok untilI am 36 weeks. Has anyone flew when this far along? I was also told that the airlines wont let yo fly if they think that you are to big or to far along. Has anyone had this problem? Any input would be nice!


E - November 1

You may need written consent from your doctor. I would call the airline and ask about their policy. Is it a long flight?


Mollie - November 11

I heard that you should be just fine to fly throughout your pregnancy. My doctor said it should be no big deal. Each airling has the option to restrict anyone from boarding if they feel one might be a liability. I do believe, however- it is only for the safety of the other pa__sengers.


Ellen - November 12

I know a lot of airlines will not let you fly during you thrid trimester with out written concent from a doctor. Many will not allow you to fly during you last month (so at 35 weeks you could be cutting it close). Other issues to concider would be: being far away from you doctor if you go into preterm labour or have other complications that far along. Also, If you do fly make sure you get up and move around regualarly to avoid getting a blood clot in your legs... Could be a major problem if that is not avoided... Perhaps you could consider having people come to you for Christmas instead of going to them? just a thought...


cindy - November 13

I am going to get pregnant can u fly any trimester


selena - April 10

I'll be turning 24 weeks in June, and flying to the states with AA. I contacted the airline and they need a medical certificate from 24 weeks onwards. without that, they wouldn't allow me onboard


Cindy - April 10

Flying is perfectly fine in any trimester and most airlines will let you fly until you are 36 weeks.


Corinne - May 15

I'm 35 weeks pregnat and I have to fly to Colorado this week. Is it ok to do so?


Maryann - May 29

I usually take dramamine when I fly anywhere. I know I can't take it this time because I'll be 8 weeks pregnant. Are there any natural ways to help ease air sickness?



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