Flying In 2 Weeks And I M Terrified

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Mel - May 18

I'm taking a 4 hour night flight to visit my family back home in 2 weeks...they are throwing me a baby shower, I'm 6 months pregnant, and I terrified of flying...well i shouldn't say i'm terrified of flying, I'm terrified of crashing. This is our first child and I've always been scared of flying, but now that we're having a baby, my fear is 1000 times worse. My imagination tends to take over when it comes to this and I have these horrible thoughts of our plane going down and I start to get so panicky and I start to cry thinking about it...I do not want to die before getting the chance to see my precious baby, or even live a long happy life with my husband...I know I sound crazy.......we've already got our tickets, and I can't just not show up to my own baby shower, so I have got to get on this plane...does anyone have any helpfull thoughts or advice to ease my mind about this flight? any words of encouragement would help me a lot...thank you so much. God Bless.


amanda.d - May 18

I have the same problem with any kind of travelling.I usually "sike" myself up to going.I say to myself you can do this it isn't that bad... so on and so forth.It usually works, i can never take a spur of the moment trip though. Good Luck!


Stephanie - May 18

I can totally understand!! I never had any problems flying before I was pregnant, and I flew when I was seven months pregnant and was a total wreck. After my daughter was born, (almost seven years ago), my fear seemed to intensify. Her and I would fly places together and it just horrified the c___p outta me! It has taken me a while to get over the unrealistic fear of every time I got on a plane it would crash. You should try and bring a laptop or something to watch a movie on during your flight to try and take your mind off your fear. (a comedy may help) Hopefully your husband is very supportive, and maybe he could ma__sage your hands (I know it sounds stupid, but it feels really good!!) while you guys are on the flight. Good Luck to you!! Everything will be fine!! :o)


Jess - May 21

your not alone, I'm scared to fly too. I think that you will be okay though, Maybe you should go buy some books on fears of flying and take them with you on the plane. that might help u calm down. good luck



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