Folic Acid Please Help

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Verona - April 7

I have just found out that I am 10 weeks pregnant, I have been told by friends that it is important and a must to take folic acid in the first 3 months of pregnancy especially in the first 4 weeks. Can I start taking the folic acid now? Would I not have a healthy baby because I have not been on prenatal vitamins? please help, your response will be h


Foxy - April 7

Yes, you should take folic acid all the way through your pregancy, so it's good to start taking it now. I didn't start taking it until I was 5 weeks because I didn't know I was pregnant before then. The reason they say you should take it at the beginning is because the major organs are forming in the first 12 weeks of your baby's life. Also spina bifida develops within the first 25 days. Just because you didn't take it before, doesn't mean your baby won't be healthy. Women managed for years without it, so don't worry. It can still help with your babies development during the rest of your pregnancy.


Liz - April 7

Till you see a doc.and get your prenatals you cn go anywhere and get a "women's formula" multi vitamin w/ the recommended folic acid amount. Good luck!


C - April 7

Yes taking folic acid are good to take through out the pregnancy it help prevent birth defects.You can start now ,its not your fault that you didnt know about that before. Start as soon as you can


BBK - April 7

Verona, pls make sure you take all your prenatal vitamins, not just folic acid. Many nutrients work together and they can be useless if taken solo.


Karen - April 7

Many women have not taken any vitamins and have produced healthy wonderful babies (think of the days without) Dont worry, go see a doc for a check up and start now. What you have done before knowing you were pregnant does not count and normally do not harm the baby ( God working). All the best, the sooner you start the better. Most docs will recommend months before conciving but life does not work that way, all the best.


monica - April 7

will prenatal vitamins prevent birth defects after 6 months into your pregnancy?



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