Folic Acid Supplements

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Blondie - March 15

Hey people, just wondered if anyone found taking folic acid supplements while ttc helped or did they make no difference? I bought a box of 90 tablets yesterday (folic acid+ in a pink box with a picture of a baby on the side) and I took 3 yesterday. it says to take 3 a day, either all at once or one three times a day. Any opinions on which is best? Does it make any difference? And do you absolutely have to take them with a meal, if you do, why is that? I know, so many questions! I'm sorry. i just really want to get those two lines!!!! x x x x x x x x x x x x x x x x x x x x x x x x


blondie - March 15



Heidi - March 15

I don't think it will help your chances of conceiving but you're smart to take them while you're ttc. My doc always stressed for me to take a multi-vit with extra folic acid just in case I got pg as it's very important to the egg/fetus or whatever. Keep taking them. You and your baby will benefit from them in the end!!! I wasn't taking any when I conceived. I wished I would have. It helps prevent birth defects big time so keep taking them! Not sure about taking them with a meal. Maybe they'll upset your stomach maybe? Actually food helps vitamins absorb better so that may be why.


Billie - March 15

When I was ttc, I took prenatal vitamins.


kat - March 15

i agree with what heidi says,it doesnt help you to concieve,but ive been taking them since 2 weeks after i started ttc


C - March 15

The reason you take then while ttc is because you get the vitamins in your system so that when you do actually conceive they are already there. It is VERY important to take 1mg of folic acid a day while pg. My doctor couldn't stress this enough. Most prenatals only have 800mcg... You want 1mg. I had to get a prescription for them because all I could find was the 800mcg and it is bad to take more than prescribed (too much of some of the other vitamins). The Folic acid helps with the early development of the umbilical cord & the brain development.


amanda.d - March 15

My doctow told me when we were planning to get pg that i should take a vitamin with at least .4mg's of folic acid so that when we concieved it would be in my system.It can prevent m/c, spinal bifida, and other complications.Good Luck!!


blondie - March 15

thanks for all your answers girls, they are all very appreciated! xxxxxxxxx



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