Food And Gender

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Just Being Nosy - October 10

I'm curious to know what food cravings others had or are having, and if you know, what gender your baby is.Thanks!


Anne - October 10

I'm having twins... a boy and a girl... and I'll eat anything! But some of the things I love are waffles and Dorito chips.


ca__sandra c. - October 10

all kinds of fruit ice chocolate milkshakes pudding


ca__sandra c. - October 10

oh yeah and I'm having a girl


Janice - October 11

I crave chocolate SO bad all the time! before I was pregnant I wasn't to crazy about sweets, I was more into snack foods like chips and dip and cheese and crackers...anyway Im craving sweets and Im having a girl.


M.A. - October 12

Anyone crave meats, or protein more than fruits, veggies, or sweets and have a boy?


lacy - October 12

In my first trimester I craved fresh fruit SOOO bad, it was the only thing I wanted to eat. Now in my 3rd trimester its anything sweet. I'm having a girl


Jo - October 13

I'm still in my 1st trimester, so don't know what I'm having. I crave tuna salad sandwiches...yum!!!


lacy - October 13

mmm jo, that suggestion made me want tuna...I was cooking a pot pie but, tuna salad sounds so good now!


J - October 13

I am having a boy and I crave Junk Food. Candy, chocolate, cake, ice cream, chips anything that has sugar in it.


M.A. - October 14



Julie - October 14

I have 1 son and another on the way with both pregnancies I have craved chocolate!


Charity - October 14

I'm craving something but I can't figure out what it is. I'm having a Girl.


rA - October 14

having a boy, and im in love with the sweets. Soda is becoming my weekness, i never drank soda before pregnancy. But the junk food is on my side for now.


rhonda - October 14

I want spicy/salty foods and I am having a boy...oh just in case anyone cares tuna is not good for you to eat while pregnant so please be careful...the reason it has alot of mercury in it salmon is much much better for you with little to no mercury in it...


ME - October 14

when I was pregnant with my daughter I craved, and ate, tuna sandwiches with mustard, all the time!!!!!!!!!! (Also pork and beans with toast!) YUMMY!


nhb - October 14

I crave sweets & fruit (strawberries, especially!), and I'm having my second boy--I had the same cravings w/ my first though. Although this time around I also crave pizza and crabcakes (I'm from Maryland, but now live in Virginia and have a VERY hard time finding any around here that I will eat, and I just never have the energy to make them myself, even though they're so easy!).



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