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kayalex24 - June 27

I've been craving for really salty food and I heard that if I crave for salty and sour things I'm having a boy. If you crave for sweet things then you're having a girl. Just like to know if anyone's heard about this.


Seredetia - June 27

not sure...but yesterday I ate a cannoli followed by a pickle. ;) I don't think it has true bearing. lol.


tndrlvn - June 27

lol seredetia, first trimester i would eat strawberries followed by it is just fruit, popcycles and ice cold water


Seredetia - June 27

yeah, I'm waiting for the pickle thing to stop!! It's giving me terrible heartburn. lol. it's like I can't enjoy anything without one, though. ugh...this is my day: get up, eat yogurt, eat pickle, eat banana, eat pickle, eat potatoes and ketchup, eat pickle, sleep for 8 hours, wake up, eat a pickle, eat a popscicle, eat a pickle... heh. And I'm drinking a TON of water/milk. I used to not mind warmer water, now it has to be COOOOOLD. I'm feeling so weird. ;)


Rhonda - June 27

I always ate pickles like crazy with every pregnancy.Now i am craving raw baby carrots.


Been There - June 27

I don't think it's true at all. I have a craving for sweet stuff. I'm definitely having a boy. As a matter of fact, I can wait to get up tomorrow and get me a cheese croissant.


BethS - June 27

I dont really think that is true. The first 3 months of my pregnancy all I craved was fruit and I had a little boy. And he is all boy lol.


ren05 - July 3

hi, i had a baby boy & when i was pregnant i craved salty foods, hot chips etc.who knows.good luck


luvacuppajoe - July 3

I get aversions to food more than cravings. Cooking meat is the worst, I couldn't stand the smell of it early in each pregnancy. Blech! I got turned off of coffee with my first, and with the second I didn't have a craving until the day she was born! LOL Her dad went out and brought me back a belgian waffle with strawberries and whipped cream, and that kicked in a craving that lasted 2 weeks. Didn't matter WHAT I ate, I could have a steak, but I needed to have strawberries and whipped cream on the side. That was WEIRD! No cravings with this one except apples and bananas, but probably b/c I didn't eat enough fruit so my body has been telling me something.


tryingx3 - July 3

I have craved sweet and am having a girl...some girls I know found this to be true with their pregnancies...who knows!


Soontobemom - July 3

lol.. I am really not picky with foods, alothough sometimes I get a hankering for something. Mostly I eat whatever I have lying around my house! (Baby girl coming this way).


sophandbob - July 3

subconciously I am adding salt to things which i wouldn't normally (naughty I know!) and I am having a boy.


mandee25 - July 3

Yes I have heard this. I think it's just an old wives tale though. lol I am craving both salty/sour and sweets so......


CyndiG - July 3

I've never heard that but I'm 38 weeks, having a girl, and have craved OJ big time (as a matter of fact, I have a 1/2 gallon sitting here right now, drinking directly from it!) and Cherry Coke. So who knows?????



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