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SLP - April 3

I wanted to get your opinions on this. My best friend broke up with his girl friend last night and after the messy break up she sent him a text saying she was pregnant. He doesn't really believe her because she has lied to him a few times, but of course he's not going to completely write it off. He started asking questions and it seemed like a bit of a shakey story. She said she went to the clinic and they said that her hormones were in a level that might mean she was pregnant. I've never heard of a doc giving a maybe answer and I was wondering what you thought, ladies? He's really stressed out because if she is pregnant he wants to raise the child (she's pretty unstable) but she claims she's going to cut of contact and possibly have an abortion. He doesn't want to have to go on not knowing if he has or could have had a child.


corinne - April 3

does heknow the first day of her last period? if so go to look on the left hand side of the screen click on the ovulation calender. put in the date and it will give the dates as to when she could become pregnant.


Ceno - April 3

I put down any money that she is NOT pregnant. There is not "possibly" pregnant due to "possible" hormones. Either you have the pregnancy hormones or you don't. Once a woman conceives, the hormones can be detected in a week after conception with a blood test and with an HPT 2 weeks thereafter. The point is there's no such thing as "Her hormones were in a level that MIGHT mean she was pregnant." Since he broke it off with her, she's just giving him this story to make him miserable and get back with her....since he sounds like a good guy who wants to do the right thing. His X is just one of those chicks that don't want to let go and that he should be weary of, ESPECIALLY since he knows she has a history of lying. She's making up the story to make him feel sorry and be miserable...basically give him a big a$$ headache and some sleepless nights. The whole out of contact and abortion thing is so he can be like let's back together. I know because I know of chicks that have done that. The only sure way of him knowing is by going WITH HER to the doctor. If she don't want him to go, then I bet she isn't pregnant like I said to begin with.


corinne - April 3

I completely agree with Ceno. It sounds like shes a comulsive liar so she comes up with lies very easily. I had a friend that was exactly like that.


Stace - April 3

I'd say ceno is bang on the nail, shrewd woman.


fltjt705 - April 4

tell him to ask for proof, or have him tell her he is going to take her to the clinic and if she says no then he should let it go, If she is like that then she is not someone he wants to deal with for 18 years, I know because I deal with my sons father who is something I wont say but I just wish I didn't have to deal with him. Being there for a baby is a good thing but when the relationship is a nasty one it's best to leave it alone and let her do what she wants to. I really think she is lying because there is no way that there is a maybe, either you are or your not and how convenient it is for her to say that when they broke up. Please......



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