For All Of You That Are Considering An Abortion

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***** - August 2

For all you women out there that are considering an abortion, just to have one because they are too young to have children, but not too young to have s_x, and other stupid reasons that you all think of, here is something for all of you.Go on the internet and type in: Or if that does not work; type in fetus pictures in utero and click on # 34. I hope these pictures are an eye opener for all of you.


cakes - July 31

I understand that abortion may not be "right" for everyone, but people must have the right to make their own choices. Rather than telling someone to look at pictures on the internet that be real or may not be real, they need to do their own research and figure out their feelings on their own. People make mistakes....


brucen - July 31

Couldn't agree with you more cakes. The blatant use of scare tactics is repulsive. Sure it's good to know all the facts. But anonymous posts like these keep popping up not to inform, but to bully and scare already scared young women.


Melissa - July 31

I respect all of your opinions. I do believe that many young girls are not given the full picture on what abortion really entails. The original post here, I believe, was meant to show what it really is and what abortions are doing inside a woman's uterus. I agree that we all have to make our own choices, but abortion should never be misrepresented, as it often is. I am against abortion, that is my choice. I believe it is murder, is stops a beating heart and as a student nurse I have talked with countless ex-abortion nurses that have shared absolutely terrible experiences that they had as an abortion a__sistant. It is a barbaric procedure, especially when done later that 3 months. Baby parts in trash baskets in the Doctor's office where the procedure is performed, as well as the fact that it has been proven that babies in utero do feel pain. Abortion is an unfortunate choice in my eyes and I believe this country especially will be judged harsly by God Almighty for all the innocent unborn lives taken needlessly. I do not wish to affend anyone, but I felt the need to post my opinion.


cakes - August 1

As a Registered Nurse, I was taught to try your best to give people the FACTS and let them decide for themselves what they want to do. In doing this, you allow them to make an informed decision, based on facts not by "peer pressure" People need to make their own decisions and not be pressure, i think having an abortion after three months would be bad, but it is not my decision to make for anyone. I think that everyone always posts the most awful experience they have ever heard of to try yo "educate" young girls, if people want to "educate" young girls on something, they need to educate these young girls on how NOT to get pregnant in the first place...I also am not sure why everyone a__sumes that only teenagers have abortions, i was 22 when i had mine, and i was more than financially and emotionally stable to support my baby...But my baby's father was an abusive alcoholic and i knew he would haunt me for the rest of my life, when you have a child you have to realize that you may not be together with the father but you have to be able to get along with him and his family for the rest of your life, I was not about to bring a child into the world that my ex was in, and before you say it, i was on birthcontrol...


***** - August 1

This is for cakes: The first response that you put, I'd like to comment; I can tell everyone I see to look at some pictures, but it is up to them if they want to see them.There is no way that I can force anyone to look at them.


cakes - August 1

this is for ******, no you can't force poeple to look at them, but there are so many digitally enhanced pictures that sometimes it is hard to tell what is real and what isn't, also some times things in a picture are the opposite of what they seem


SaRaH - August 2

OMG!!!!!!!!!!!!!! That is soooooooo horrible! I am sick from looking at that!! It is very much appreciated that you posted this address so that people can see that is it a LIFE there!! :)


SaRaH - August 2

OMG!!!!!!!!!!!!!! That is soooooooo horrible! I am sick from looking at that!! It is very much appreciated that you posted this address so that people can see this IF they want to! It is the persons choice reguardless of what the cic_mstances are, I hope that everyone can live with the chices they make! have a nice day!


Erica - August 2

I had an abortion!!! I was 17 and they had found an 8 pound cyst on my left ovarie and my doc told me it could kill me and the baby. I never new I was pregnant until the day of the surgery. At that time I was only about 3 weeks I think and I could lay on my back and see the cyst protruding out of me. To this day I regret it but it was safer for me to have it done. So this was not stupid. I work as an HIV prevention Speac I work with grownups and substance abusers. Half of them say they wish they would have known all this stuff when they where younger. I talk about Stds and pregnancy. And what I find is a lot (not everyone) parents not wanting to tell there kids about s_x because they are afraid if they talk about it they'll do it. I am 23 and my parents NEVER told me about s_x and I had to learn it on my own and I got into trouble with it. I really think it starts with the parents. I mean would you be comfortable with me sitting your child down and showing them how to put a condom on? Everyone talks about how there is so much s_x on T.V and yet so many parents let there kids watch movies and play video games with fighting on it. So hide the s_x and let them watch the fighting?? I am young and I wish my mother told me about s_x and guys and dating. She didn't becasue she felt Uncomfortable? If you can't talk to your kids about s_x and can't talk about it openly then you shouldn't be having s_x.



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