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tiffani - March 28

Just thought I would give you all an update on E. She had her baby early Monday morning on the 21st. She required an emergency C section, but mother and baby are doing well. I got an email from her on Thurs. and she had just arrived at home to begin the wonderful transformation into "mommy." E is totally overwhelmed with love for the new man in her life. Hopefully she'll be on here soon to share her birth story, but I just wanted to give eveyone who was wondering her exciting news. Congratulations E! XOXOXO


diana - March 28

no one cares ok


tiffani - March 28

You'd be surprised how many of us care. :o)


diana - March 28

get a life and worry about your self well i don't have time for you i have a life


BUMP - March 28



Missy - March 28

Tiffani - thanks for the update! I have been out of town for a week and am really suprised to hear E already had the baby - didn't she have some time left? Glad to hear they are doing well....CONGRATS E AND HUBBY!!!!!


kat - March 28

congratulations E! diana if you dont care then why read the post and take time to reply!?!


tiffani - March 28

Missy~ Her due date was April 1st, then a few weeks ago it got bumped to April 6th, and on Sunday the 20th, her water broke. :o)


Missy - March 28

I knew she had a little time left - apparently little one didn't care about those silly doctors and their silly dates!! LOL they will come when they feel like it, won't they? I am so happy for her - I can't wait to see pictures of the baby!!


amanda.d - March 28

I would like to sat congrats to E and the baby. Also as per usual the catty b___hes can't even leave a good thing alone.


Lovely - March 28

I love new babies! And (enter your religion here) -Bless the new mommies, too! Congrats, E!


Kim - March 28

Congratulations, E! I am glad that you and baby are doing well. Can't wait to hear your story and see pictures of the baby! Congrats to your whole family!


MandyD - March 29

Yaaayyyy E


MandyD - March 29

Woops - something weird happened, and it didn't let me finish typing. Congrats to you E!! I hope you really enjoy your time with the new little man! Isn't it amazing!?!? Take care, get lots of rest, and send pictures as soon as you can!! Love to you and baby!


bump - March 30

bumpin it up


tara - March 30

Thanks for teh update tiffani. And Congrats to E!!! Hope you are feeling well, and that your baby is doing great. :o) Let us know when you have posted pictures of the little man - I'd love to see him. Much love to you & your baby. xxxx


- - March 31

Oh Diana-SHUT UP! The entire reason that people are here milling on this site is to have the experience of a new baby in our lives. So yes people will care when one of us who have been on this site sharing experiences and helping others is able to achieve the thier ultimate goal at the moment of having a child.



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