For Anyone Who Wears 7 Jeans

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Lisa - October 6

I just got in my maternity jeans made by 7 for All Mankind and they are sooooo nice. They are comfortable and they look good. Just FYI.


^*K. - October 6

sooooooooooo who cares!!!!!


Lisa - October 6

Those who are looking for maternity clothing... get a life.


L - October 6

People can be so there a website you can look at them on?


Lisa - October 6

I got them off of e-bay! I paid a really great price for them...about $50.00! Just run a search on maternity clothes, and type in "jeans" and you will find lots there. I got another pair coming and I paid $62 for them which is not bad as I can wear them after the baby too. I got my normal size and they fit me good. Hope you have good luck!


Nat - October 6

Maybe ^*k thought you meant size 7 and she bigger than this and thought you were being rude?? Anyways, thanx! I love Ebay I just got over 40 baby outfits for $40.00 including the price of shipping (the shipping was $30.00) but I thought it was a good deal!


Lisa - October 6

That's awesome Nat! We don't have Pottery Barn where I am from so I have been ordering the nicest baby quilts, crib sheets, blankies and such from ebay all made by pottery barn for kids and they are adorable. My mother warned me to stop buying things for the baby until the shower, but how can I? It's my first child and I can't help myself!


ally - October 7

is this lisa from the horses mouth post, if so hello dear, you will stop buying a few months after ya baby comes, i went nuts too and it took me 4 months to settle down, went nuts b4 she came too. Didn't know i was having a girl but it does wear off. I bought most of my maternity clothes from the 2nd hand shop believe it or not cause i hated being bigger so i wasnt going to go too nuts on them, you aren't in them long enuff i think. I do agree u need something though to make u feel good, whether it be jeans, a top etc, something nice thru the pregnancy to wear........


Lisa - To Ally - October 7

Tis me.. :o) You mean it stops? I've always been a bit of a shopper so having this baby is kind of making me a little crazy! I have gotten a few nice maternity clothes so far and the rest I have just been getting yoga pants and things. Cheaper things, but they are nice and comfortable.


to clarify from ally - October 8

It never stops, i was at the shops today and bought cot blankets as we do need them and a disney top for 5 bucks, thats a bargain here, so don't worry it doesn't stop, u can't stop basically. You just dont go as nuts as what u do during pregnancy and once they are born..... Especially when getting a bargain, a girl can't stop and if ur like me you buy for your daughter and thats all u look for, occasionally u may buy for yourself. I have to make a point of buying for me cause at one stage it was baby baby baby.........Just rest a__sured it took me 4 months to settle down and reduce the buying, i would have to be locked up to completely stop.......


J - October 8

I got them off ebay too for around $75.00 at the beginning of my pregnancy. They were really cool and comfy but they only fit for a couple of months. I got a size above my prepregnancy size as suggested but they were too small within a couple of months. I was pretty mad that I spent that kind of money and could only where them a few times. I only have gained 35 lbs. this entire pregnancy so it's not like I piled it on. I just think you need to try on in the store and then order on ebay and order a couple of sizes bigger.


BB - October 11

I'm only 14 weeks and still wearing my regular pants (usually low rise dress pants from old navy). They are starting to get tight a little under the belly, esp. after I eat, but then they are ok again, esp. in the mornings before lunch. Can a bit of tightness be harmful to the baby???



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