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KM - November 9

Hey I was just wondering how your appt when and the membrane stripping!?! I went to the doctor today and she said she expects me to go into labour this week sometime and if not I am having an induction scheduled for next week!!! YAY I will have my baby in a week! I didn't get my membranes stripped but I am seeing her again in a week and if im not in labour by then im gonna ask her to do it.


Dez - November 10

Well here's the thing, I am kinda bummed out. I went to my appt. and when the dr. checked me for effacement and dialation, I was 70% effaced and I am still completly closed (no dilation). So he said he sc___pped my membranes for me (he did something because it was quite uncomfortable) but I read on a website that they cant strip your membranes if you are completly closed, which makes sense because how could he if I was closed? and I didnt get any of the effects of what scapping would do (slight bleeding, losing your mucus plug,etc).Anywayz he kept beating around the bush when I would ask him about how long it was gonna be for me, and saying he was gonna let nature take its course. he didnt even tell me that if I didnt go into labor by a certain date that he would induce me. He said he is gonna check me again on monday and sweep my membranes again if I hadnt gone into labor yet. My due date is the 16 and I seem to be making no progress. Do you know if you can go into labor not being dilated at all? Have they checked you for dilation and effacement, and what were your results? I am really happy to hear you are gonna have your baby in the next week, It my be another 2-3 weeks for me before they even do anything for me :( well please keep me posted on your progress, also if you have a boy or girl, I will let you know how I am doing. everyday I lay down, I get up hoping my water will break or something, lol. I guess everything I have tried hasnt worked at all.


l - November 10



KM - November 11

That's really weird..I hate when doctors leave you in the dark like that.I didn't get checked for dialation or anything cause she told me it means nothing.. so maybe that answers your question I think you can just randomly go into labour even if like the day before you were completely closed. She said they only check if u have contractions or leaking fluid because its kind of uncomfortable for you and not necessary.I wouldn't be too worried about going forever because most doctors will only let you go 2 wks over your date. Tell your doc you are really uncomfortable and he might induce you sooner, thats all I said was that I want it over ASAP. lol.Im still not getting contractions so I doubt I am progressing either. and I know how it feels to constantly hope your water will break lol


Dez - November 11

well I am glad to hear that dilation and effacement has nothing to do with when I will go into labor. Its just that things are getting worse, I havent been able to sleep, Im tired and I lay down but I cant fall asleep comfortably, not to mention all the pain I am feeling in my hips, thighs, and all in my pubic area, It hurts to turn over or get out of bed. Well I guess it wouldnt be so bad if I could get my mind off when baby will be here, but I cant seem to quit thinking about it. All day everyday, everything I read or do has to do with being pregnant, and its getting annoying. I feel like im going nuts. well there is a new moon on friday so hopefully something will happen soon. let me know how your feeling, and when your baby comes. quick question (totally off subject) but how old are you?


ErinJoy - November 11

I'm nearly 28 weeks and no sign of leakage.. you're fine.


Dez - November 11

yea but I am gonna be 40 weeks on tuesday, my due date is the 16


KM - November 12

Yeah I know what you mean,I want it over with sooo baddd!! My bf just started his parental leave so things are getting easier b/c he's home with me all the time and im not so bored lol. I'm almost 19. how about you?


Dez - November 13

K, well Im glad to hear your bf is with you now, I hope you pop soon. I cant wait to hear what your having, be sure to keep me posted. At least we know its in the near future, maybe that is what is making it so hard, lol.


KM - November 16

Hey!! sorry I have not been on much lately, Just been busy. Anyway, I'm getting induced on Saturday at 8 am :) How are things going with you!?!


Dez - November 17

Hey girly, I havent been on much myself either, well I am still pregnant my due date has pa__sed nov 16 :( I had a dr. appt on monday and my dr. checked me again and I am still not making any progress. but he scheduled me for a dr. appt next tuesday and if I havent gone into labor by then, he will send me up from my appt to get induced :) so at least I know that if something dont happen soon, I will be having my baby in a week. I am happy to hear you will be having your baby on sat. be sure to let me know how it goes (when you are feeling better of course) and what you had. Oh I finally got my bf to give it up, it didnt work, lol. Im gonna go for a long walk tomarrow, Im hoping something will work naturally, because I heard being induced is a b___h. well good luck and keep me posted


m - November 17

Reading this thread brings back those old memories for me. I just wanted to wish you both luck! Make sure your men know that when you come home from the hospital, you need to be waited on hand and foot for a while! LOL Take care and good luck to both of you.


KM - November 17

lol dez that's great news. Yeah I am kind of scared of induction too, not so much of it making labour strong and hard, just because the chance of a c-section is increased.LOL so the s_x didn't work.. I tried it lastnight too and it keeps giving me cramps but thats it. I think I MAYBE lost some of my mucus plug this morning tho. M, oh don't worry the men will be told.Thanks for the good luck wishes


lilmama - November 21

my doc stripped my membranes with my first- hurt pretty bad, but i went into labor 30 min after I got home from the appointment. Helps to speed things along for most wemon


Dez - November 21

I got my membranes stripped at my last two dr. appts, and I will be 41 weeks pregnant on tuesday. My dr. offered to induce me then, but I dont know, yet what Im gonna do. I just wish I would go into labor before then.


KM - November 29

hey Dez just wondering how you are doing.I had my baby boy(Aaron Michael) on Sunday nov.21st at 4:37 am.He is gorgeous! I had a horrible labour.. 13 hours,4 hours of pushing, and I ended up with a section because he was facing head up and i was too small for him to pa__s through.I didn't end up needing to be induced, the cervidil that they gave me to prepare my cervix for induction, put me into labour lol.Let me know how things went for you, You must have had that baby by now girl lol


Dez - December 2

hey km, CONGRATS, yes I had my baby nov 27 4:18 p.m. 7lbs 6oz, Anastacia Jaylene (she is a clone of her dad, so cute). I did end up having to be induced. It went pretty well, though those contractions kicked my a__s I was crying for the epidural at 3cm, lol. Well good luck and keep in touch



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