For Men How Often Do Men Cheat While Wife Gf Is Pregnant

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M - February 15

I don't know if it is the hormones going crazy or if it just me, but I am dying to know, honestly, how many of the men are out with other women when their wife or girlfriend is pregnant?


To M - February 15

Hey M, well you know, when we go to the store for cigarettes or beer.......that's what we're doing.....having s_x with the cashier in the back of the store until someone comes in. Now that I think about it, I'm getting thirsty right now. Honey, I'm going to the store. Will be back in a couple of hours.


Maleficent - February 15

what kind of guys do you hang out with? sheesh.


Manda - February 15

WTF. Don't you have anything better to do. This is a web site for pregnant woman.


stingfan - February 15

A decent man would not. As for mine, his t______es would be hanging from my rearview mirror. Thankyou. Have a nice day weirdo


E - February 16

The only women my husband is cheating with while I am pregnant are the ones with photos on the internet that "keep him busy", so I do not have to. I even bought him a DVD. Fine by me. Leave me alone, thank you very much. ~ 34 weeks pregnant


kate - February 16

How awful it must be for you to be that insecure.


Breanne - February 16

I think that is a good question cause it's reality that some men do just that. Pregnant or not pregnant, man or woman, being unfaithful happens a lot. I feel lucky having the smarts to find out about my unfaithful partner from the past. And now that I'm pregnant I don't think my current partner would cheat, but you never ever know. Look at Scott Peterson for example. Now who knew he was such a unfaithful monster?


~m~ - February 16

M, Are you being cheated on or something? Both of my full term pregnancies, my hubby was at my side the whole time!! Not all men are monsters!


Ruby - February 16

To Kate, It's not insecurity, it's reality. I saw a pregnancy book with a whole section dedicated to just that subject.


M - February 16

You know, it is awful to have to be so insecure. But men gawk and stare at these women who are all of 100 lbs while us women feel huge and maybe men could be just a little more understanding of how women feel while we are pregnant. yes, i am pregant. Yes, I am insecure. Yes, I have been hurt before. I am not a weirdo. I just wanted honest answers from people to a question which burns in the back of my mind. And to Manda, no sh*t sherlock this is a web-site for pregnant women. WTF don't YOU have anything better to do than to attack someone's honest question? If you don't like what I have to say - move on to another question. I wasn't looking for your advice. Thank you Breanne for understanding - I think that my concern is legit. My boyfriend is a good guy, but we have never had kids. I am young and prior to pregnancy in excellent shape, going to the gym nearly everyday, very tone and lean. I know he likes me that way, I like me that way. I was just wondering what the guys had to say about this subject in an honest enviornment.


<> - February 16

some men find pregnant women s_xy, its something new and different. as for me, when im pregnant i want s_x all the time. so i know that my hubby is getting his at home. he has no need to go elsewhere


KIM - February 16

I KNOW HOW YOU FEEL I am not six weeks pregnant i caught my first childs dad in bed with another women when i was 37 weeks pregnant and he said with her. it hurt but it was best he never love me i am now with a different guy if i caught him i would freak i trust him but i have to admit after my last experince i am a little worried


tara - February 16

I think the men who end up cheating while the wife/gf is pregnant would have done so anyway...just a matter of time. But of course there are men who are faithful and to me looking is not that big of a deal...but if your man in considerate he tune down the looking at other women a lot more. Some guys like pregnant women! They find them atractive and s_xy...believ it or not this is very true. My husband is one of them, and I know quiet a few other men who are as well. As long as you eat healthy and do your dialy exercises you will look just fine and fit even if you are pregnant :o) I even love a woman with a big pregnant belly and I can't wait for my belly to get bigger so I can show it off. It's a hard time for us to feel confident but as long as you take care of your self, and pamper your self while you have the time why not take advantage of it so to make your self feel like a million dollars that you are worth!


KM - February 16

I don't know about ne one else, But I wouldn't be having a man that I didn't trust whole heartedly's child. my boyfriend, like many other DECENT men, find pregnancy very s_xy.It is the most womanly figure, and they love you more than anything for what you are going through to give them a child.


M - February 16

I do trust my BF. I love him very much and he has not said anything negative about the "new" body I have. I was just curious, see what men had to say. I don't think I was asking because of my boyfriend making me insecure - I think it is more my problem with men in general due to the fact that (1) I have been hurt before (2) I am insecure about my body because of the images plastered all over magazines/TV/movies telling me I should be 100 lbs (3) I am full of hormones which have affected me (mood swings, etc) in ways which I never thought possible. My boyfriend is with me all day except when we are at work - even then we go to lunch together because we are only about 1/2 mile from each other. So I want to just say for the record that this was just meant as a general question - didn't mean to cause such a stir from people - I am Ok with my boyfriend and in my relationship - I am so excited about my baby, as is my BF - and I wish the best for all of you


kate - February 16

Tall, short, narrow or wide be confident!As long as you like what YOU see in the mirror that's enough.Trust is implicit in a healthy relationship.If the men are going to cheat why would you want them...consider yourself too, good for them.If you are pregnant with your partner's child why would he want to be anywhere else?



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