For The First Time Pregnant Gals Out There

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1st time Pregnancy - May 18

And if you already had a child(children).....Are you scared??? I worry about everything which isnt' good anyways for the baby but I know that there is chance that you can die when giving labor? It scares me that I have a chance of dying in 4 1/2 months. Is this a common feeling or am I just OVER WORRYING!!!! Please respond so I know I am not the only WORRY WORT out there.


1st time pregnancy - May 18

Oh and I didn't mean to scare any of the new timers. Sorry If I did.


Kaz - May 18

I feel more afraid at the idea of having a C-section. I'm not afraid of natural delivery. I know that doesn't make sense. This is my first, I'm 38 weeks and the baby is breech with its feet infront of its face. It thinks it's a freakin' paperclip.


Kaz - May 18

I am more afraid of delivering breech naturally than having a C.


1st time pregnancy - May 18

What does breech mean?


Kaz - May 18

Breech means the baby is upside down. The head is up the top of the womb instead of settled into your pelvis. They're supposed to be settled into position by like 37wks. Some can still move around but are running out of room. In my case the baby's b___t is in my pelvis and it's poking it's eyes out with it's big toes.


1st time pregnancy - May 18

Oh, OK. Thanks.


Kaz - May 18

By the way, you'll be fine. No one'll let you die. The more you worry the harder time you'll have. Remember childbirth is natural and common. No other way could have populated our world. Read heaps of books, the more you educate yourself the more confidence you'll have. Take care


Audrea - May 19

women rarely die these days in developed countries with good medical care. Just think about it, the reason they used to die was due to being breech and not having the c-section option available. Also, some would bleed too much, now we give extra fluids and blood if needed. I am an RN and work in L&D and not one woman has died since I have been a nurse in the last five years where I work. Of course I have seen scary situations, but no maternal deaths.


toes - May 19

this is the first time for me and my wife, and she worries about EVERYTHING. I'm not exaggerrating here, she has recurring nightmares where she has a normal delivery, but I take one look at the baby, decide it's ugly, and leave her!


Karen - May 19

You are not alone. I even call my doc about that. He said the cases are rare and that he will take the baby if there are any complications and asured me that he will not make anything happen to me and my baby. He told me not to worry and concentrate on the pregnancy. Everytime i worry I just say a prayer. I freek out about everything from germs getting into my body to listening to music too loud, inhaleing "cancer stick" fumes etc. I will even hold my breathe when pa__sing one. I swear even thinking that on article of clean cothes has germs on it I am cleaning that again before wearing it. I worry about the baby all the time. When I dont feel him move I get scared. But in all I just pray constantly. I swear God hears from me more than anyone esle. The stupidest idea that pops in my head scars me to death. Opps I just felt my little man move !!! I pray for each of us and I am sure we will be fine.


April - May 19

You're over worrying.. haha.. but I don't blame you one bit. There is a very VERY small chance that you will die during the pregnancy. It's highly unlikely. There's a greater chance of dying in a car than there is in labor. So I wouldn't worry about it. The only thing I've been truly worried about is premature labor. I've been really stressed lately since my boyfriend left me 3 months ago (I was 4 months pregnant) and is now engaged to someone else. (I think he has mental problems.. haha) but I've relaxed a lot... I'm at 31 weeks and every week that goes by I know that my baby has a better chance of surviving. It really puts my mind at ease. Anyway... I think every first time mother has their own set of worries... just make sure you tell yourself that everything will be fine.. things work out the way they're supposed to.



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