For The Ladies Who Got Off The Pill To Ttc

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TTC #1 - October 24

How regular were your first periods of the pill? How long was your cycle (roughly), longer or shorter than your pre-pill days??? Did you need to use provera more than once??? I'm just trying to figure out trends in women like myself!?!?!? any answers would be greatly appreciated!


jb - October 24

I never got a period when I went off the pill. I went off on April 19th and found out I was pregnant on June 13th. They say I conceived May 25th. So I guess it took me roughly a monthly to ovulate if I hadnt gotten pregnant I would have had my period at the end of May.


kr - October 24

I got off the pill and came up positive in 3 weeks.I had minor spotting, but no real period. My cycle had always been short previously


Jk - October 25

I wasnt on the pill but on the nuvaring. After I stopped using it I had a period exactly 28 days later and conceived the second month of trying. I was worried about being 'regular' and ovulating after being on birth control for 4 years but there didnt seem to be a problem. Good luck to you!


sc - October 25

i came off the pill after 5 years in may, took period in june then none til october so i dont even think i am ovulating now. I have been on and off the pill for 17 years only taking a break in between pregnancies. Now looking to have another child and finding it impossible. Dunno if it was the pill or not


Krista - October 25

For my 1st. I came off the pill (after 10 years consistently) and took 6 months to get pregnant. Then after 14 months back on the pill I went off again. Got pregnant after 2 weeks. When your body is ready, it is ready!!


Em - October 25

I got pregnant 3 weeks after stopping the pill. But I was also in the prime of my health (running, diet, etc,) I agree with Krista - if your body is ready, it is ready. But a healthy lifestyle will do wonders to get it ready!


GD - October 25

I went off the pill after almost 5years and got pregnant in about 3 months. My periods were always very irregular and long. After i stopped taking the pill they seem to be Ok and more regular but i must say we were not trying like every single day, we just decided to go with the flow and see what happened and yep, i guess like everybody said, when your body is ready is ready. I stopped with the pill mid december and apparently i conceived around April 12th, so i found out i was pregnant the first week of May. Hope this helps.


TTC #1 - October 25

Thanks all, that does help...I should get af tomorrow, if I'm a 28 day cycle, which I'm doubting I am, but we bd'd a lot around my guestimated ovulation, so hopefully it won't come at all bc I"m pg...we'll see...Your responses are greatly appreciated!


TTC #1 - October 25

I worded that funny, I meant hopefully it won't come bc Hopefully I am pg, obviously I don't know yet!!!


ker - October 26

My first period came 31 days later then my next was 30 days later and then the next was 29 days later. I was ovulating about 15 days after my periods on all 3 months. I am 11 weeks pg now. My period pretty much went back to normal, I tried to conceive in August and got pg on the first try.



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