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Dez - January 12

my baby hadnt lost her unbilical cord and she was like six weeks, the doctors at first said it was fine when they checked it and that it should fall off. We cleaned it with alcohol religeously so we werent like neglecting her (Im sick of my family saying we werent) well anywayz like a couple of days after the dr. looked at it, it started to get a foul odor and looking gooey. So we took her back and they put silver nitrate on the area to dry it out. it fell off the next day but man it looks grusom, yucky, ouch, I feel so bad. Check it out In the Me!Me!Me! page (I have also updated other pages as well). My question is they told us to keep cleaning the belly button with alcohol so it will dry out, but do you think we could put neospourn or some type of ointment on the surrounding area? I want to cry so bad it hurts me inside to see her like this, especially when she smiles at me.


Dez - January 12

P.S. we read after the fact that the dr. was suppose to put pitrolum jelly on the surrounding area before applying the silver nitrate and avoid getting it on the surrounding area period. Which he didn't do.


kate - January 12

What a little cutie!Congrats.I wonder if the instrument used for tying the cord(right after birth) was sterile?I would be asking that doctor a few questions.She may have an irregular belly b___ton later on.


Dez - January 12

yea they were sterile, it was prepackaged on the end of those q tips they use. So they werent even open.


m - January 12

Oh my goodness Dez, your poor little princess! :o( Does it hurt her? I'm not sure what silver nitrate is, but from the looks of it, it seems it came in contact with the area around her belly b___ton. That little pink spot, ouch! Is it where skin came off along with the cord? Of course, I don't know your doc, but in your shoes, I might get a second opinion. I hope I'm not stepping on your toes by saying this, but I think I'd get another pediatrician to look at it, too. I just hope it doesn't cause her any pain! I think I would definitely put something on that skin around it to keep it moist. I just don't know what since I don't know what silver nitrate is. I will say a prayer for your little darling! Let us know how it goes.


Dez - January 12

I dont really know if it hurts her, she is not too fussy, but man it looks like hell. I was actually taking her to my dr. the family pract_tioner, but now im changing her to a pediatrition. the skin that peeled off was from the silver nitrate came in contact with that part of the skin. they were suppose to get it only on the belly b___ton, but they didnt protect that part of the skin with anything, and we read later that they were suppose to put putrolim jelly on the area around to protect it.


KM - January 13

Here they dont tell you to clean it with anything at all.and it worked well for me. that is such a shame, maybe ask a pharmacist about it sometimes they are better at prescribing things.and yeah I would definitely switch to a pediatrician as well.


KM - January 13

OMG I just looked at the pic..awhhhhhh!! poor thing!


Dez - January 13

I know KM, I am very p__sed off, its starting to heal up a little bit, but i think I am gonna put some neosporin on it. also I called and left my dr. a message yesterday to call me back so we could ask him if it was ok to put something on there, and they didnt return my phone call, so I am definatley switching.


kim j - January 13

Dez, I just looked at your babies pictures.. She is soooo cute. I would make a complaint if I was you. He should have put the jelly on first like you said.. Your babies belly probable should not look like that and he probable screwed up. Hope she is ok. She is addorable! If you think she is in alot of pain call a nurse and see if she can have some tylenol.


K - January 13

If it is after office hours, remember that many areas have nurses call lines that you can call to get information. Look in your area phone book or call an urgent care. Never hesitate to try to get immediate answers - Moms typically know best - the triple antibiotic sounds like a smart decision but call a nurses line to be certain. Parenting can be its own medical adventure - Hope she heals quickly.



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