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leslie - March 8

I was reading how some of people's pets acted diferent when some girls got pregnant. well I have noticed that my 1 pd yorkie has been barking at me and running away from me since I got pregnant, before she would be on top of me all the I have to run after her to be able to grab her (it looks pretty funny when she gets under furniture and I have to get my hands in there) ... anyway has this happened to anyone else?


<Amy> - March 8

My cat wants to sleep on all my things, one minute loves me the next wants to attack me! lol


D - March 8

My oldest cat (therefore the most people bonded) HAS to sleep on me all the time. It drives me nuts. Last night when I launched her across the room for the 5th time, I heard this pitiful little heartbroken meow. Poor kitty. We've been her whole world for nearly 10 years...


P - March 8

My cat finds me more comfortable to sleep on now. He doesn't slide off so much. lol He should enjoy it while he can because he's only got one more week of the great round belly. Who knows, he may like the doughy new version that comes home... Other then that, nothing has really changed. I have two super-affectionate cats and a 90 lb Sheperd/wolf hybrid that hides behind you when he hears loud noises. My hero.


rb - March 9

i have two dogs - the bigger about 100 pounds, loves to cuddle with me now... just last night, i woke up to find his head on my belly - and let me tell you, his head is not light!


Kelly K - March 9

I have a 2 year old female dog and she now lays at my feet each night when I'm sitting on the couch. She used to lay at my husband's. So I'm guessing their protectiveness kicks in when they sense we're pregnant.


rb - March 9

kelly k - you're probably right - especially with girl dogs... can't wait to see how the dogs are with the baby - is this your first?


Kelly K - March 10

rb - yeah.. this is my first baby. I read at few things about having a new baby with pets and they recommend buying a cd with sounds of a baby crying to get the dogs used to it. My dog is scared of anything new so i'm sure she'll hide under the diningroom table until the baby is walking!


Tigerphoenix - March 10

Aout a month ago my big lab/pit mix female dog started sleeping in front of my bedroom door every night and following me around every where as if she was gaurding me (tries to come with me to work too and she hates the car). Had no idea why untill I found out I was pregnant. Our little weiner dog will lay at my feet now (when normaly he wants in my lap), the cats are much more cuddly, and my two conures are accualy being quiet. Its like a whole diffrent house!


Heidi - March 10

Funny you say that, before I even knew I was pg my golden retriever started acting weird. He'd go lay on my bed and wimper. That's not normal for him at all. We were really shocked by his behavior as it lasted a week or two and then I found out I was pg and he quit doing it. It might have been all coincidence but who knows. I think if you're really close to your pet, they know what's going on. I can tell he's upset because I have no energy to play with him outside right now. Poor guy! Our cat all of a sudden became my best friend. She's my fiance's cat. She insists on laying by me in bed at night. It's all so weird! But I think they know. I'm really close to my golden, he's my first boy ya know :)


Tigerphoenix - March 10

Animals seem to be like that when they are close to a person. Im sure my Lexy (the lab/pit) is going to be putting on her best shows when I have mood swings. She always acts silly when Im mad or sad and makes me laugh. Its nice to know that they are looking out for us.


Mythili - March 10

I also have a cat.. I haven't noticed him acting differently....


Billie - March 10

For the people with cats.... do your cats bite you! My cat can be all lovey dovey at one moment, then the next bite you really hard!!! it's really p__sing me off and I'm considering getting rid of him before the baby is born but if cats act like this all the time, then I won't. I know it's a little off topic but I would like to know if anyone else has this problem.


Tigerphoenix - March 10

Billie, I have the oppisite with two of my cats. They used to bite me to get my attention. Now they just paw at my head when I sit in my recliner.


Billie - March 10

I know he doesn't bite to get my attention. I'll be petting him and then he'll bite me. Sometimes he even pounces on me and bites my arms when I'm sitting on the counch. But then at night he'll snuggle with me in the bed. Is he just a weirdo or should I be concerned?


Heidi - March 10

My cat will let you pet her and she gets all giddy and then will lightly bit at my hand. When she was little she did it a little harder. Basically she was mad if I stopped petting her. I think it's just an attention thing.


Tigerphoenix - March 10

Hmmmmm Maybe your cat wants to play?



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