Forgive Me Please For This Sarcastic But

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just yacking off - August 20

I was just wondering why so many people come on this site and repeatidly ask over and over again "I feel like...." bla bla bla "do you think I'm pregnant?" Well, I don't know about you, but I'm not a Dr. and I even if I was you can't just list of common sympotms of something and say, "Yep! Sure are!" I mean come on!!! Here is an easy solution.... GO GET A TEST!!! That will give you the answer to your question, no questions asked. If you still arn't sure, get another one or go to a Dr. for a blood test. I know that they can be like $10-15 dollars, but you know what? I got all of mine from a dollar store, and they work just fine. I even found out 4 days before my period was even due. Geez. Ok, I'm done ranting. Thanks.


teigan - August 20

agree... how do we know if there pregnant, even if we stood there and watched them having s_x i still couldnt be sure lol


Gem - August 20

I know what you mean. I'm not the pyschic friends network. How can I tell? Most pms symptoms are similar preg symps.


G - August 20

Oh jeez i agree, seriously if you don't even know "what causes pregnancy" you should be playing around pretending you are the big adult when you can even answer the most simple questions. I really get annoyed with this people with the same questions over and over again... seriously eithe take a tes, go and see a doctor, educate yourself about what could happen if you have s_x unprotected.. etc, etc,etc. There i am done ranting too...


Agree totally - August 20

And if they can come here, they can also surf the net for these. Some sound like they are so braindead.


CM - August 20

Haha. How about: " who's the father?" hehe.


sheree - August 20

oh my god, get a life! Some of these girls r only young and r after advice. maybe they don't have money to get a test and don't want to tell parents in case it's a false alarm, or they can't get to a doctors( i'm from australia but don't i cost u to go to the docs ova there) Be abit mature and if ur not interested in they're qestions don't read them!!!!!!!!!!!


Mich - August 20

I agree young girls need a place like this, and if it was one of our own daughters we would be pleased that there are sights like this. No matter how close we think we are to our children they sometimes cant ask us everything. So please dont read their questions if it upsets you that much.



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