Found Out I M 5 Weeks Pregnant And Took Xanax

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Cabany - June 23

I just found out I am 5-weeks pregnant and have taken Xanax and Ambien. I have not taken more than 1 mg of Xanax and 10 mg of Ambien. Is the harm already done? Should I continue this pregnancy? I am freaked out and feel like I am going to have anxiety about it for 8-months. I, of course, have stopped the medication but am scared it's too late. Does anyone know or does anyone have any advice?


Julie - June 23

You should probably call a doctor and ask them, but I wouldn't be too worried about it. I've read that most of the things that you do/take before you know you're pregnant won't harm your baby. But, once you know you're pregnant, do everything you can to be as healthy as possible. Good Luck. I hope this helps.


Cabany - June 23

Thank you so much for your answers. I have certainly not taken a lot of them, just 1/2 of the .50 mg here and there for sleep. I looked up Ambien and it is Category B, but I have stopped everything. I will talk to my doctor. Thanks again for your answers!! Have a great day!


First time mom - June 23

It is completely normal to freak about about anything when you 1st find out you're pregnant. However, I don't think you should worry too much about it. I had a similar problem with my pregnancy. I took Trimspa without knowing I was pregnant for about 2 weeks. And I just had my 1st doctor's appt. yesterday & asked her about that. She said I shouldn't worry because they have what's called an "all-or-nothing phenomenom" which means that if you take something that could harm the baby then the body will automatically reject it, and you'll have a miscarriage. So if that doesn't happen to you then you're fine.


Audrea - June 24

I don't know why an RN would tell you Xanax is okay during pregnancy. Some benzodiazepines are safer than others, but Xanax is a category D in my drug book. If you go to it will tell you about the drugs that are safe and are not and what they can do to the fetus while pregnant and if b___stfeeding. It is true what 'first time mom' said. I see a high risk Perinatalogist and was taking meds for a month and a half before I found out and was scared to death that I had hurt my baby. I also had a CT and many x-rays done in that first month. I was told that if you were to have taken anything in the first two months that if it was going to hurt the baby, then your body would cause a miscarriage, and if there were no harm done, then most likely the pregnancy would be okay. He said it is all or nothing. I have heard this form several docs, I wanted a second, third, and fourth opinion. Try not to stress about it. If you do not miscarry, you will get a sonogram later on and will be able to see for yourself the development of your baby. They check all that stuff. Good luck to you and your baby.


Cabany - June 25

Hi Audrea. I know how dangerous Xanax is and that is why I am freaking out!! I would never take it during the pregnancy but the first three months are so vital that it just scares me to death. I hope it's true that if something is wrong, you do miscarry however devastating that would be. At least, I could try again with caution. I also found out that the only deformity is a cleft lip - but can you imagine knowing you caused that to your helpless little newborn??? I just know no matter what I am going to be stressing out for 8 months or at least until the ultrasound. Thanks for all the advise.


Christina - June 28

Hi Cabany, I found myself in a similar situation when I first found out I was pregnant with my now very perfectly healthy, happy 2 year old daughter. I was prescribed .5mg Xanax 3 times daily due to a panic disorder and found out I was pregnant when I was already in my 6th week (I was on the depo-provera shot which did not work for me) . I worried every day for months. But everything was fine. Enjoy every moment of your pregnancy. You should talk about this with your doctor, and she should ease your worries. Good luck and CONGRATULATIONS!


Cabany - June 29

Thank you Christina. I am curious, what did your doctor say? Did you continue taking the Xanax for your panic disorder or did you stop it? I am scared to tell my doctor. I feel like he will judge me or think I am a horrible person or something even though I didn't know. Thanks again for your encouraging words.


Cin - June 29

I was also taking Xanax when I found out I was pregnant. My doctor put me on a schedule to get off of them, which was horrible, but I did it. He tried to ease my mind on what harm, if any, was done while taking these before I found out I was pregnant. I spent the rest of my pregnancy worrying about everything but everything was fine. I had a healthy baby girl! Try not to worry (better said than done), but I think you will be fine. Good Luck!


E - June 29

I was under the impression that xanax was dangerous later in pregnancy, due to its potential to cause respiratory problems in the fetus. Also, xanax is extremely addictive and newborns may suffer withdrawal. Another reason why this drug is so heavily discouraged. Xanax withdrawal can be deadly. I used to take xanax for flying, along with a beta-blocker. I had severe anxiety and had to fly often, so I know where you are coming from.


Christina - June 29

My doctor told me to stop worrying. She was wonderful and very supportive. I stopped taking the xanax the day I found out I was pregnant and had no problems with withdrawl. I still did worry, but the sonogram really put my mind to ease. Doctors prescribe xanax and ambien for a reason, so your obgyn will not think you are a bad person. If so, I suggest you change your doctor. Have a great day!


Cabany - June 29

I love this board!! So supportive and I appreciate all of your input. I did stop taking it and didn't take it enough to have withdrawals but you still have that "what if." I guess I will be put at ease at 5-months for the ultrasound. Thanks again everyone and I will check back with you all!


Kim - July 3

My advice to you is quit worring. You can't change the past and I am sure your baby is fine. I hate to admit this but, before I found out I was pregnant, I had done street drugs occasionally. When I found out I was 2 months pregnant, whick I haven't to this day touched them again, I worried the whole time. I often cried and imagined what my baby went through. My 8 pound 4 ounce health baby boy was born 2 years ago and he was fine. He is the light of my life. Since these pills were prescribed to you, you did nothing wrong and you stopped. I wouldn't end this pregnancy if I were you either. You might live the rest of your life thinking " what if there was nothing wrong with this baby." I thought the same thing with my son, but he is now my strength and my reason for all the good I do. I'm sure your baby will be fine and bring you all the joy that my child had brought me. STOP WORRING AND ENJOY THIS PREGNANCY.


Alexus - July 18

When you get pregnant and stop taking the XANAX, does your doctor prescribe anything else for the panic disorders?


Christy - July 18

Cabany, why don't you ask for an ultrasound sooner. It might ease your mind. I think any good dr would be willing to do this.


broken - July 19

i had my 20 week sonogram and found out my baby has a cleft lip and palate. I am devastated to say the least. I did take a few xanax, not consecutively in the month prior to finding out i was pregnant. If i knew what i know now i would have had them look earlier for these types of birth defects, it can be detected early if they look for it. The doctors will always tell you not to worry becasue you are already pregnant and they dont want you to stress about something that they know if it happened it has already happened and there is nothing you can do about it anymore. The lip and palate are the most common defect due to when the palate closes which would be the 4th to the 8th weeks when most people dont know they are pregnant like me. I am not afraid of the cleft lip, i am concerned about he cleft palate, and any other 150 syndroms they say are a__sociated with it, and long term side affects a__sociated with it. If anyone has any more info for me i would greatly appreciate it.


kite - July 24

when is it time for me to get an ultrasound done?



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