Free Clinics In Houston

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chicana - December 27

does anyone know any cheap o free clinics in houston?


Jbear - December 27 (remove any dashes) This is the list of city clinics. Usually you can get a pregnancy test there and help with medicaid forms. The ones in San Antonio do prenatal care, but most people switch to a private doctor once they've got medicaid. You can also go to Planned Parenthood, they charge on a sliding scale. Also, look in the yellow pages for clinics, and find one that offers free pregnancy testing. They're usually affiliated with an area hospital and will help with medicaid forms and doctor referrrals. If you have any kids who don't have health insurance, do a search on "CHIP Texas" for low cost (practically free) kids health insurance provided by the state.


shelly - December 28

look on yahoo local and type in your search and address. thats what i did to find a free clinic


chicana - December 28

thanks but do u have any advice on a 17 year old that doesnt have medicaid an does not live with parents an parents wont help where would i go o what to do


chicana - December 28

but my parents did have it but havent renewed it


Jbear - December 28

Go to one of the free clinics, and they will help you get on medicaid. Without any other insurance, you will have to get on medicaid to cover your pregnancy. Even the free or cheap clinics will insist that you get medicaid, if you're eligible. The reason that most of them do free pregnancy testing is because it helps them get customers...pregnant women who will be getting medicaid and need help finding a other words, you. The city clinics will provide the same help. Since you don't live with your parents, you may need to get paperwork in a court saying that you're emancipated from them, so that you'll have the rights an adult has, for medical treatment, etc...I don't know much about that, I would imagine one of the free clinics or city clinics would have some experience with it.



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