Frequent Braxton Hicks

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l - October 16

Hi, I'm 30 weeks. I have been having a lot of braxton hicks in the evening. It is sometimes difficult to know when one begins and another ends...(they are not strong, I just get the tight uncomfortable tummy). I haven't lost my mucus plug-and the frequent braxton hicks have become the norm. Should I be worried? I go to dr. on the 27th.


Tanyav - October 17

I wouldn't be worried along as they are not painful. Try to time them to make sure that you don't have more than 4 an hour. When you time them count from the time it starts until the next one starts. At least thats what they told me in my child birth cla__s. Im 32 wks and I have them more on some days then others. It's common. I hope I answered your question.


klm - October 17

I get them a lot too. I actually had some painful ones and went to the hospital for monitoring, turned out I was dehydrated and had a urinary tract infection which both are symptoms of preterm labor. Some days are worse than others but when I'm stressed or standing up they seem to be a lot worse. I also have back pain that my doc says in unrelated but I beg to differ because I feel the contractions in my back first, then my tummy tightens. Taking deep breaths soothes me most of the time. I will get 6 or 7 in an hour then not any for days, its weird but I am not dilated at all so they're not concerned about me going into labor just said to take it as easy as possible. I am 33 wks.


Erin - October 17

Hey... I got them a lot with my pg. In fact, I was hospitalized at 28 weeks because they were coming every 3-5 minutes! I ended up being put on Terbutaline until 36 weeks. I still had them every few minutes, but the Terb kept them from getting strong enough to do anything. I was told I had an irritable uterus. I agree with Tanyav. If you're having them more than 6 times an hour on a regular basis (I timed them for almost a day before I finally called... I wanted to make sure that I'd tried everything they suggested the last time it happened... Tylenol, sitting with feet elevated, lots and lots of water... then they told me to come to the hospital and I ended up staying). Good luck to you!!



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