Frequent Urination But Not Thirsty

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crackersforme - February 5

Ok...I always thought the frequent urination came with pregnancy because you drink a lot more & are thirsty & then with the baby pushing on the bladder. Granted I haven't tested yet, I'm only 3 days late, but am still curious as to what is happening to me. I have been having to pee ALL the time lately even though I have what seems like NO thirst. I'm not that hungry, either, but I'm forcing myself to eat so I don't get sick. Now I have had barely any liquids at all today & have already been to the bathroom 8 times!!...& every time I go it's not just for a little bit, it's a lot (normal)....where's it coming from?? I'm just confused. If I am pregnant, I'm not sure how far along I am as last months af wasn't exactly normal..... maybe I'm just thinking too much into this.....


sdillon78 - February 5

With my first pregnancy I did that right away...that is how I KNEW I was pregnant I went home that day and bought a test and sure enough I was! But I am now 8 weeks with my second and with this one I have recently started the urinating every 15-20 seems like even when I haven't drank very you very possibly could be pregnant


crackersforme - February 5

That's what I'm thinking...but I'm still waiting out till next Friday to test....just some really strange things happening that I'm not used to with my body. You know how people say you can trick your body into the symptoms...but how can you trick your body into urinating so frequently & so much!!


crackersforme - February 6

alright...I know I'm REALLY giving TMI...but I still have the frequent urination -- just woke up two hrs. ago & already went twice. But now I have really loose bowels (not really diarreah)..but it appears bloody? No hemorroids so I'm not sure what's causing the blood. ...if it doesn't go away I think I'll just make an appt. with a doctor. But has anybody else had this?....also woke up with a temperature of 98.6, dizzy again (which had went away for a few days), & just achy all over...maybe I'm just coming down with the flu.


CMAgrad07 - February 6

Yeah...that sounds like the flu to me...blood in the bowel movements is really not good though, I'd go in to get that checked out if it continues.



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